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    Review from a newly reborn comic reader

    I've just read through "Siege The Cabal" and I have to say it has me excited for what is to come in the next three months at Marvel. 
    First though I would state that the prior review  by Dr. Detfink on this page is accurate. Dark reign has been a jumbled mess and a squandered opportunity to do something really different in a crossover story. Also this one-shot is a four dollar teaser. I just happen to feel that it teases really well and for four dollars it did a lot to get me excited for the coming close to Dark Reign. This book acts like a dramatic trailer for a film. It is an extended prelude that accomplishes its goal, it builds tension, establishes mystery and creates excitement for the coming storyline.
    In summary this book plays out like a mexican stand-off. We once again get a seat at the table of Osborn's Cabal, and here, a year later, the roll call looks very different. Norman is losing allies and those that remain at his table only begrudgingly do so. In this book we see that Norman truly has accomplished nothing throughout his Dark Reign, and this issue shows his final attempts at claiming a spot in history. These are the first punches of the final round, Norman is down in points and needs to score that one big shot to establish his position and legitimize his legacy. 
    So true, you can probably skip this book and still understand "Siege" when it drops next month, but personally I feel that this one-shot did a great job of getting me hyped up for the coming storyline and will make that first issue all the more sweeter when I finally have it in my hands.

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