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Goodbye Initiative. Hello Academy

The Story: 

Taskmaster is given a promotion from Norman Osborn but is unsure if it's what he really wants or not. Osborn invades Asgard and during the invasion, Camp Hammer is attacked by the Avengers Resistance. 

My Thoughts:

This marks the end of the Avengers Initiative series as it will be canceled and replaced by Avengers Academy at the start of the Heroic Age. Christos N. Gage scripts this last story arc that ties into Siege. I was never the biggest fan of this series but he does give it a great send off. He ties up a lot of loose ends and also sets up possibilities for the future very nicely. 

A lot of the focus was on the Diamondback and Constrictor relationship that is becoming more and more strained towards the end of Osborn's reign. Mostly due to the fact that Constrictor found out she's a spy for the resistance. I liked watching their relationship begin to crumble and actually felt for them when it did. I wonder if Marvel will do anything with this in the future. I wouldn't mind seeing something down the road happen.

Another subplot to watch is the Tigra and Hood conflict which we get some closure to. If you've kept up with this series you know Tigra has been looking for payback. She confronts the Hood at the end to a very pleasing outcome.

The art is by Rafa Sandoval, Mahmud Asrar and Jorge Molina. Together they do deliver some beautifully designed artwork. This series has always been consistent in the art department if nothing else. I don't think anyone will be disappointed at all with the art.

If you've read Siege, then you will appreciate how beautifully Christos Gage weaves these events through Siege before, during and after. This is how tie-ins should be done. If you've been a fan of this series then you wont want to miss out on this finale. This was the perfect time to end this series in my opinion. At least it goes out on a high note.  

Rating: 4/5

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