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    Sidewinder was an operative who was a part of the Task Force X team reformed under the Cabal, a shadowy government organization trying to control super-heroes.

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    Sidewinder is a character created in the pages of DC Comics and first appeared in Suicide Squad # 64.


    Sidewinder's identity and the origin of her powers unknown, she was first heard of as part of the Task Force X team reformed under the Cabal, a shadowy government organisation trying to control super-heroes.

    The unit’s first known mission was eliminating the Cabal agent Blacksnake. Arrested after his involvement in actions against the Atom (Ray Palmer), Blacksnake had offered to make a deal, revealing what he knew about the Cabal. Task Force X infiltrated the police station where he was being held, killed Blacksnake and a number of officers, and blew the place up to cover their departure.

    hey were next sent to Diabloverde, where the Cabal’s new Suicide Squad had been set up to help its oppressive dictator maintain his rule. Amanda Waller had heard about their activities, so took her Suicide Squad there to deal with them. Task Force X’s mission was to eliminate Waller and the members of her Squad.

    Sidewinder attacked Bronze Tiger, and seemed to be winning when Deadshot appeared and shot her. Subdued, they questioned her then left her for her teammates to find. Too badly wounded to continue the job, and too well-informed to leave alive, Pathfinder ordered Kaliber to kill her which he did.

    Despite her apparent demise, she next appeared among a group of metahuman mercenaries hired to kill Deadshot, along with the other members of Task Force X. She had Deadshot in her grip, until he angled her to intercept Schrek, who accidentally bit her in the throat. She was on the floor of the warehouse when it exploded.

    Powers and Abilities

    Sidewinder is capable of transforming her legs into snake-like coils, which she can use to crush her opponent.


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