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    Sideswipe is an Autobot warrior and the twin brother of Sunstreaker.

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    Sideswipe was part of the initial Autobot crew that crash-landed onto Earth. He and his twin brother Sunstreaker were both formatted to look like a Lamborghini Countach. The main difference is that Sideswipe is red, and lacks his brother's flashy engine modification. Sideswipe is most likely the lesser of the two brothers, as his combat skills are ALMOST as good as Sunstreaker's (he is also a master of "jet judo" along with his brother), and he is also not as ruthless, meaning not as driven for victory. As Sideswipe is still cut from the same cloth as his twin, he is a rash character that can make some heated and hasty decisions that often lead to his own injury.


    Originally created for the toy line of Transformers, Sideswipe made his first appearance in the Transformers Miniseries in 1984. This was soon thereafter followed by a monthly series of the same name

    Other Media


    Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen - Sideswipe is a member of the Autobots and part of the task force known as NEST with the vehicle form of a silver Corvette. He is seen in hot pursuit of the Decepticon, Sideways through the streets of Shanghai. Sideswipe manages to catch up with Sideways, throwing one of his blades into Sideways hood and slicing the Decepticon down the middle, destroying him as Sideswipe amusingly replies "Damn, I'm good!" Sidewsipe is later seen in the final battle fighting off advancing Decepticons in Egypt.

    Video Games

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    Transformers: War of Cybertron - Sideswipe appears in all versions of the game voiced by Travis Willingham and has the alternate form of a Cybertronian Car. Sideswipe was one of the Autobots Optimus Prime used in his plan to rescue Zeta Prime from the prisons of Kaon. Optimus Prime, Sideswipe, and Bumblebee were captured and taken to Kaon for "recycling". They were rescued in time by Air Raid and then the 4 Autobots proceeded to rescure Zeta Prime and even defeated Soundwave, Rumble, and Laserbeak along the way. Sideswipe helped Optimus take the recently deceased Zeta to the Council who promoted Optimus to the rank of Prime. Sideswipe is one of the playable multiplayer characters.

    Transformers: Fall of Cybertron - Sideswipe appears in all versions of the game voiced by Travis Willingham againand has the alternate form of a Cybertronian Car. He briefly appears inside the Autobot base and is sent on a mission to find Grimlock by Optimus Prime alongisde Jazz and Cliffjumper. Sideswipe served as the pilot and dropped of Cliffjumper and Jazz into the Sea of Rust and later extracted them after the found the Space Bridge tower and Energon deposit. Sideswipe is one of the playable characters in multiplayer under the "Speedster" class.


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