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The Dynamic Duo
The Dynamic Duo

Sidekicks are usually young heroes who are partnered with an adult hero. They may also serve as the comedy relief in a story as well. Some notable sidekicks are Bucky Barnes, Robin,and Speedy. Many sidekicks created new identities when they grew up like Bucky (into Winter Soldier see Bucky Barnes) and the first robin (now Batman). The super hero Stripesy was very famous for being the adult sidekick to the teenage Star-Spangled Kid. Sidekicks may not only take a new identity when leaving their mentor but may later replace their mentor and take his on his mantle. For example Bucky becoming Winter Soldier then later becoming Captain America and Dick Grayson becoming Batman.

Sidekicks are also a way for young readers to relate to stories and feel as if they are working with or for the main hero. By tying young readers into relate-able sidekicks they are then tied into the main hero which allows more readership. As a marketable tool sidekicks have done very well for comics mainly in the forties and fifties. Since then their deaths and resurrections have been very marketable.

Below is an alphabetical list of superheroes and their sidekick counterparts.

AquamanAqualad, Aquagirl I, Aquagirl II, Aquagirl III, Aquagirl IV, Aqualad II, Aqualass, TopoDC Comics
BatmanRobin I, Robin II, Robin III, Robin IV, Robin V, Batgirl I, Batgirl II, Batgirl III, Batgirl IVDC Comics
Black TerrorKid TerrorDynamite Entertainment
Blue Beetle (Dan Garret)SparkyFox Comics, Dynamite Entertainment
Blue DevilKid DevilDC Comics
Booster GoldSkeets, GoldstarDC Comics
Captain AmericaBuckyMarvel Comics
Captain BattleCaptain Battle Jr.Dynamite Entertainment
Captain MarvelMary Marvel, Captain Marvel Jr.DC Comics
CatmanKittenDynamite Entertainment
CatwomanCatgirlDC Comics
Congo BillJanuDC Comics
Doctor Mid-NiteHootyDC Comics
Dynamic ManDynamic Woman, Dynamic BoyDynamite Entertainment
FlameFlame GirlDynamite Entertainment
FlashKid Flash I, Kid Flash IIDC Comics
Green ArrowSpeedy I, Speedy IIDC Comics
Green HornetKatoHolyoke Comics, Harvey Comic, Dell Comics, Now Comics, Dynamite Entertainment
Green LanternDoiby DicklesDC Comics
HawkmanBig RedDC Comics
Human TorchToroMarvel Comics
Lone RangerTontoDell Comics, Dynamite Entertainment
SandmanWingDC Comics
Slam BradleyShorty MorganDC Comics
SpectreJ. Percival PoplaskiDC Comics
Spider-girlScarlet SpiderMarvel Comics
SpiritEbony WhiteNewspaper Comics, DC Comics
Star-Spangled KidStripesyDC Comics
SupermanSuperboy, Supergirl, KryptoDC Comics
The TickArthurNew England Comics
TomahawkDan HunterDC Comics
Tommy TomorrowBrent WoodDC Comics
VigilanteBilly Gunn, StuffDC Comics
Wonder WomanWonder Girl I, Wonder Girl IIDC Comics

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