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Johan Richter was a Nazi-pilot during the Second World War. While in combat against to Allied airplanes above the plains of the Savage Lands, Richter was shot down and crash-landed in the Savager land. Staying there for a number of months, he eventually found a hidden citie, commanded by the evil Kulan Gath. Kulan Gath ordered Johan to bow to him and swear his allegiance to him. When Johan bowed, Gath reached into his mind and saw the horrors of Wolrd War Two. As such, Kulan Gath thought himself to have find a fine new lacky.


Sickle Priest was created by Gerry Duggan and Mike Deadator Jr. and first appeared in Savage Avengers #1 (2019).

Major Story Arcs

Savage Avengers

Over the years of Johan's prologned life, he became known as the Sickle Priest and did the bidding of his master. He became part of a masterplan of Kulan Gath to draw dangerous heroes to the Savage Land in order for their blood to be spilled an thus summoning an ancient evil.


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