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Si Coltrane was, in his words, "living the dream" of the freelance journalist. He lived in a cheap apartment filled with pizza boxes and empty beer bottles, wrote to the deadlines and had angry editors calling at all hours. And he loved it.

He hunted down the strange stories of New York City - blind fortunetellers, unexplained phenomena and serial killers.

It was this last type that was going to be his claim to fame. A new killer had arrived in New York, one who abducted men, tortured them, dismembered them horribly, and then left them to be found by the police. One newspaper dubbed him "The Reaver." Another called him "The Cleaver." Neither paper was willing to back down, so the killer became known as "The Reaver-Cleaver." And Coltrane seemed to have the inside track. His articles contained enough detail to make the police nervous about a leak in the investigation. Si Coltrane was at the top of his game with this story, and for a very good reason - Si Coltrane was the Reaver-Cleaver.

When his old friend Cassidy showed up, looking for help with a weird problem, Si was happy to assist. Cassidy's friend Jesse Custer was looking for God, in a real, physical sense. Cass figured that if anyone could help find a lead it would be Si. So Cassidy, Jesse and his girlfriend Tulip came to New York, and Si hatched a plan.

He knew the police wouldn't stop hunting the killer, but he certainly didn't want to get caught. So he set called the police and told them that he was at his apartment and he was ready to face them, but he certainly wasn't going to go quietly. Si's plan? For the police to bust in on his vampire friend Cassidy, who would almost certainly kill a few of them trying to escape and then burst into flames in the sunlight.

Cassidy escaped death by the police by jamming a knife through his own throat and playing dead. As far as the NYPD were concerned, he was just another victim.

As for Jesse, Si fed him a story about a blind man who can get around without any help - he claims that God tells him where to go. If anyone could give Jesse help, he might. So he drove Jesse and Tulip there, and put his plan in motion.

The apartment he'd sent Jesse to was, in fact, a gay S&M club where the head of the Reaver-Cleaver investigation, Paul Bridges, secretly frequented. The plan was for Jesse to go in, and then Si would appear to help apprehend the "dangerous criminal." To keep Tulip from interfering, he pinned her hand to the dashboard of the car using a large hunting knife. Then he grabbed a shotgun and went inside. He had already called Bridges' partner, John Tool, and was prepared to be the hero.

His plan would have gone perfectly except for two small problems. First, Tulip was a lot tougher than he thought her bag, and followed him up. When he was distracted, the other unplanned problem came up: Jesse's Voice of God.

Jesse knocked Si down with a hard left and Commanded him to die. And he did. Jesse shot the corpse in the head with John Tool's gun, and Tool became a hero for stopping a vicious criminal.


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