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    Member of Super Young Team.

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    Shy Crazy Lolita Canary is a winged heroine in a Japanese manga schoolgirl outfit. She's the size of a canary and is physically small enough to fit in someone's hand. She possesses a sonic scream, which sounds like many, many voices all mashed together. A totally airheaded teenaged girl with a good heart.

    In Final Crisis Aftermath: Dance #1, Lolita Canary has shown some hints of being an alcoholic.

    Batman: Incorporated

    While still a member of the Super Young Team, Canary has recently begun a relationship with Jiro Osamu, the former apprentice to Mr. Unknown, who succeeded his mentor in becoming the Batman of Japan, and a member of Batman Incorporated. During Batman's "world tour" to visit the branch members of the organization in their respective countries, Jiro had asked Batman if the rumors to his American counterpart's access to a shrink-ray or similar technologies were true, and mentioned he and Canary were in a relationship and it was getting serious. Needless to say, Batman was a bit taken aback by this revelation.

    During Batman Incorporated's confrontation with Leviathan, Japan was seen having a much more peaceful time of things, allowing Jiro and Canary a moment of quiet that they spent on a virtual date in cyberspace, through the use of Virtual Reality helmets and a program known as Internet 3.0, which allowed them to be at the same height in the simulation. However, their time was cut short by a quintet of cybernetically enhanced motorcycle gangsters attacking downtown Tokyo, prompting the two leap into action as Japan's own Dynamic Duo. After a brief upset in their fight with the bikers, Jiro and Canary tracked them to their lair and defeated their boss, Lady Tiger Fist. Once they had turned her and her mutated tigers over to the Tokyo Police Department, they returned to their date, oblivious to the crisis looking in the west.


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