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A Spaniard by birth who was trained in the Pyrenees, Shura is said to be the most loyal of all Athena's Saints, qualifying him to wield the legendary sword, Excalibur, in his limbs.  Shura was one of several Gold Saints who eventually came to suspect that Gemini Saga had killed Aires Shion and secretly taken his place as Grand Pope.  He believed that though Saga may be evil, he could still use his power to do good in the world.  When Sagittarius Aiolos rescued an infant Athena from Saga's assassination plot, Shura was ordered to kill him.  Shura did not know at the time that Shion had been replaced, and believed the story that Aiolos had turned traitor.  As Aiolos was reluctant to battle his friend and fellow Gold Saint, but obeyed the Pope's orders and mortally wounded Aiolos.  On a whim, Shura decided not to kill the infant that Aiolos carried with him, not knowing that the baby was actually Athena.

Major Story Arcs

Twelve Temples

When Seiya and Shiryu arrived at his temple, the tenth, Shiryu allowed himself to be trapped by the chasm Shura created so that Seiya could escape and continue to the next temple.  Shiryu managed to break Shura's right arm by intentionally taking a blow to the chest, but realized it was useless when he saw that each of Shura's limbs could use the power of Excalibur.  Shiryu decided to sacrifice himself to defeat Capricorn by grabbing him and launching out of the atmosphere.  As they were both about to die, Shura came to the revelation that he had made a mistake in serving the false Pope.  He transferred his Gold Cloth to Shiryu so that the Bronze Saint could survive reentry.  As he disintegrated, Shura told Shiryu that he left Athena's protection to him.  During this time, Shura also gave Shiryu the power of Excalibur. 
 Hades Chapter
Shura and the other Gold Saints who died in the war for Santuary were revived as Specters, or servants of Hades, wearing dark versions of their Cloths, called Surplices.  Determined to take the head of Athena, Shura, along with Gemini Saga and Aquarius Camus, advanced to Virgo Shaka's temple.  Each of the three dead Saints had four of their five senses destroyed by Shaka, and decided to use their last resort--Athena Exclamation, a forbidden attack that required the power of three Gold Saints.  Shura was reluctant to use it, knowing that it would erase all of their honor as Saints, but agreed to it in the end.  The three then used the attack again against the Athena Exclamation of Leo, Aries, and Scorpio.  The opposing forces would have leveled the Sanctuary had the Bronze Saints not redirected the energy upward.   
Shura arrived with the other dead Saints at Athena's temple, determined to kill her.  Athena chose to commit suicide, and it was revealed that the three Saints had fooled Hades as part of a plan to revive Athena's Cloth.  The regretted having had to kill Shaka, but it was necessary to convince Hades.  Upon their return to the underworld, the three planned to kill Hades, and Shura threatened Pandora that he would kill her if she did not take them to her master.  However, the dead Saints' twelve hours of life were up, and their souls returned to Hell before they could accomplish their mission.  
Athena's power later revived Shura and the other Gold Saints, and he gave Shiryu a few words of encouragement before sacrificing his life along with the others to destroy the Wailing Wall blocking the entrance to Elysium.

Powers and Abilities

As a Saint, Shura has superhuman strenght, speed, and agility, as well as an extremely high defense granted to him by his Gold Cloth.  The trademark attack of the Capricorn constellation, "Excalibur" functions like an enormous sword that can cut through anything.  Shura can use the power of Excalibur with either of his arms or legs.  His secondary technique is called "Jumping Stone," a powerful kick move.


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