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Shuna was a human born on the World of Two Moons, who was blessed with contact from an early age. She grew up in a community that had long referred to elves as demons, and thus her unique experience had always caused Shuna to look kindly on the elves in an exceptional way.

Her father was a warrior who sought to become the centennial of Gromuhl Djun's exceptional forces.

The Djun had gathered the shattered Palace of the High Ones, and when the elves went on a mission to recollect and retrieve the SHARDs, Shuna quickly allied herself with the small force, having seen her share of abuse from the dark-tyrant.

In SHARDS 14, Shuna had one rare opportunity to slay the Djun herself, when he was bound with wrapstuff in his chambers, but the Djun's forces reached the chamber before she had gathered enough rage necessary to launch the death-blow. Shuna retreated, and considered that she had too much honour even to slay the villain.

When the power of the family-send was united, the shards of the Palace united and created an interstellar spacecraft, eggshaped, that travelled about the World of Two Moons with Shuna inside. Thus Shuna is the only human who has had the opportunity to meet every elf.

Shuna, along with Onagar, Nonna, Adar, and a few other exceptions is exceptional in that she humans rarely make either diplomatic or social bonds with the elves of their world.

In Discovery, Shuna married Ikopek and together they had a son, Shukopek. In the Final Quest, after traveling for over 20 years sharing the knowledge of friendly spirits, Ikopek was killed by fearful humans and Shuna elected to have her life extended by Leetah to continue her work.


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