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    He became the new chief enforcer and assassin for Blüdhaven's new crimelord, Blockbuster, in order to assassinate Nightwing; who he blames for his master's Death.

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    Shrike was created by Chuck Dixon and Scott McDaniel. He first appeared in Robin: Year One #3 as a boy, and later returned in the mantle of Shrike in Nightwing #54.


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    Shrike harbors a long-standing enmity for Dick Grayson dating back to their youth, when the two shared a friendship that was in many ways doomed from its inception. While Grayson served the cause of justice as the Batman's partner Robin, the boy who would become known as the predatory Shrike traveled alone throughout the Pacific Rim, learning an array of martial arts skills both sacred and profane from a variety of unsavory teachers, including several former operatives of the insidious League of Assassins. In the back streets of Hong Kong, Shrike met the "Master" who would forge the already disciplined killing machine, undertaking contract eliminations throughout Asia and the former Soviet bloc, and never once failing to make a kill.

    Bat-family Clash

    Shrike VS Nightwing
    Shrike VS Nightwing

    In time, he returned to America to have his revenge on Grayson for the death of his master. He was able to defeat an injured and exhausted Grayson before he was rescued by Black Canary. He clashed with Grayson again this time as the hero tried to save innocents, despite Shrike's best efforts he was easily defeated by an enraged Grayson. He soon escaped from Lockhaven, defeating three armed guards during a prison break organized by Torque and Nite-Wing.

    Later when Robin and Batgirl were left to defend Bludhaven he soundly defeated the less experienced Robin before being defeated casually by Batgirl.Following his defeat,he was then recruited into Nyssa al Ghul's new League of Assassins, alongside Lady Shiva and many of the worlds top assassins.

    After the dissolution of Nyssa's League, Shrike was seen as a member of the Secret Society. And was later seen as a member of Libra's Secret Society.

    Weapons and Abilities

    Shrike is a skilled assassin and martial artist. His preferred weapons include shuriken and steel-reinforced tonfa, which Shrike has customized with retractable hooked blades.


    Real Name: Unknown

    Occupation: Assassin

    Height: 5' 11"

    Weight: 181 lbs.

    Eyes: Dark Brown

    Hair: Blond


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