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    A scientist working in the field of sonics, he was contracted to go after the Batman of the future. He lost his hearing in an encounter with Terry McGinnis, and now vows revenge against him.

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    Becoming Shriek

    A villain from the DC Animated Universe. Originally Walter Shreeve owned a business, but when his funding ran out he turned to Derek Powers who saved him from financial meltdown. When Shreeve showcased his new sound suit to Powers he was unimpressed, he did however see a useful area for the suit. Shreeve was setup to attack Bruce Wayne at Historic Gotham, the area Bruce was trying to preserve but Powers wanted to bulldoze. Shreeve made an earthquake and hurt Bruce. He was kept in a hospital because of his injuries, but Terry was able to trace a piece of the suit he found back to Shreeve. A fight broke out that went into the street outside of Shreeve's building and the police witness. This made him a wanted man, when he went to go get revenge on Powers, Powers explained that he had power now and gave him the codename Shriek. During this time Bruce had been hearing voices, it turned out it was actually a small sound emitter the Shreeve bribed one of the nurses to put under his bandage. When Terry brought him out of the hospital he went to find Shriek and a fight broke out. Eventually Terry got the upperhand and defeated Shriek, but not without first deafening him.

    During his rehabilitation at Blackgate, Shreeve was undergoing tests that would possibly bring back his sense of hearing but the damage towards his ear lobes was proven inoperable. However, the prison's physician has made certain considerations on Shreeve's behalf. Shreeve made the doctor believe that he is becoming a modeled prisoner who wants to work with sound generating equipment in order to cure other people that are hearing impaired. When the time was right, Shreeve used his sound generating weaponry on the guards and broke down cell blocks in Blackgate which released his fellow inmates. Shreeve's accomplice Ollie "Slick" Gardner informs him that their getaway sub in Blackgate's caverns, is waiting for them. Terry arrives to round up the escaping prisoners but Shreeve and Ollie got away.

    The next night, Terry goes out on a double date with Dana Tan and Maxine Gibson. The three of them see bright lights flashing and hear huge explosions in the skies. Terry and Dana assume it was fireworks but Maxine figures that the explosions are coming from police skycams. Maxine elludes to Terry that he should go get some "help" and Terry springs into action while Maxine takes Dana home. Ollie accompanied Shriek while Shreeve was destroying the skycams so that the city would be blind to his activities. Shriek intended to steal power crystals that would amplify his sound blasting weaponry. Terry arrives at the heist but Shriek had the upper hand because he has designed his sound blasters to vibrate the bonds that hold molecules together which causes any material to break apart into nothing. For instance, a flying batarang heading toward Shriek can be disintegrated before it even reaches him.

    Afterwards, Shriek targets Terry's suit and causes it to fall apart. Terry's face is almost exposed but Shriek can't make the connection that Terry was the pizza boy that showed up at his place of business before Shreeve became Shriek. Shriek then blasts Terry off the roof of the building where the power crystals were being stored. Terry's rocket boosters in his boots were destroyed but Bruce told Terry by via comm link that he put a retro bat grappler in his utility belt so he could use it to grapple back to the roof. Shriek chants at his supposed success of killing the Batman but Terry takes Ollie and Shriek by surprise. Ollie gets tied up by a bat bola while Terry grabs Shriek's sound blasting gloves and directs them towards Shreeve's suit. Shreeve's suit is shattered and the convicts are taken back to Blackgate. Fortunately for Shriek, he kept some sound generating equipment in his old cell and developed a neural hearing device that would allow him to hear again. Once again, Shriek proves to himself that he is smarter than those stupid doctors who said he would never hear again but most of all, he believes that he is smarter than the Batman.

    Shreeve returns later on in the series bent of revenge. He attempts to destroy Gotham City by causing the sound waves of the city to get jumbled up. He is shown to now wear a special set of earphones that allows him to hear like he used to when he wears them. He attempts to destroy Terry again, blasting him with soundwaves from his tower. Shriek removed his headphones so he couldn't hear the soundwaves. When Terry shut the tower down, he also caused a low frequency soundwave that began to destroy the building. Shriek attacked Terry again, but was unable to hear Terry's warning about the collapsing building. He ended up buried in the rubble.

    It is implied that Shriek was killed by Hush (the clone of Dick Grayson created by Project Cadmus) when Hush escaped from the facility where he was being held and began killing old as well as new Batman villains. But during the "Epilogue" episode of Justice League Unlimited, Shriek is shown with Stalker, Inque, and Parasite, who are all attacking the future Justice League around fifteen years after Hush's supposed killings. Thus with this event taking place after the Hush murders, it proves that Shriek did somehow survive his apparent encounter with Hush years before the episode.

    In Other Media


    DC Multiverse
    DC Multiverse
    • Shriek was featured in the DC Multiverse line from McFarlane Toys as part of the Joker-Bot Collect-and-Connect wave. An unmasked variant was also released.

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