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Come Face your doom!
Come Face your doom!

Oroku Saki was a harsh embittered youth who sought to avenge the death of his older brother Oroku Nagi who was killed by Hamato Yoshi in a feud for a woman Tang Shen. Saki enrolled in the Foot Clan and soon rose up the ranks becoming their most skilled warrior, he was chosen to lead the American branch of the Foot in New York. The eighteen year old Saki seized the opportunity for revenge and in New York he adopted the identity of the Shredder and murdered both Yoshi and Shen leaving only Yoshi's pet rat whose cage had broken during the struggle.

Fifteen years passed by and Saki had built up the New York Foot into a formidable criminal empire involved in drug smuggling, arms running and assassination. While arranging protention for a business, a sai blade came through the window with a note attached to it. The note was from the student of Hamato Yoshi challenging Saki to a duel to the death. Arriving to the address in the note as the Shredder he saw that his opponents were four giant talking turtles and had his Foot Ninja battle them. The turtles managed to beat the Foot Ninja but not without some injuries, Shredder then took on the turtles themselves.

The four battled the Shredder individually and together not faring well until the turtle Leonardo scored a lucky shot by plunging his sword through the Shredder's torso. Asking the turtle to "finish it", the turtle said that Saki could regain his honour by taking his own life. Taking out a thermite grenade the Shredder swore if he must take his own life he would take the turtles lives with him. Quickly, Donatello used his Bo Staff to knock Shredder and the grenade off the rooftop, the resulting explosion tore the Shredder to pieces.

Return of the Shredder

He's Back
He's Back

Almost a year after his demise the Shredder returned and tracked down the turtles who along with Splinter were now living in April O'Neil's apartment. On Christmas Eve he and his army of Foot Ninja battled Leonardo on the rooftops of Manhattan, severely beating him and sending him crashing through April's window. The remaining turtles and Splinter tried to fight off the Foot invading April's apartment when unexpectedly Raphael's friend Casey Jones entered the fray and battled the Shredder directly.

The building caught fire, and upon hearing sirens of approaching fire trucks the Shredder ordered his ninja to retreat but he promised his enemies that the war was far from over.A year on after the

exile in Northampton the turtles returned to New York to face the Foot Clan and Shredder. The turtles managed to infiltrate the Foot Head Quarters with Leonardo managing to make it to the Shredder's inner sanctum. Waiting for him there the Shredder told the turtle of how he had returned to life. The Foot having a vast knowledge of both science and magic had worms, that adapt their own cells to whatever they feed upon.

Feeding on the pieces of Oroku Saki they began to bond together to form a colony which repaired Saki's body resurrecting him from the dead. Leonardo fought Shredder in a fierce battle that spilled out onto the roof. As the building started to fall apart (due to the other turtles battling the Foot) the two lunged towards each other with Leonardo using his sword to decapitate the Shredder as the building exploded.Back in their sewer lair Leonardo brought the corpse of Oroku Saki saying that their honor was now restored. The turtles held a funeral cremating the body to pay tribute to their fallen enemy and to make sure that he would never come back.

Worms of Madness

Jaws Rebirth? i mean Mutant Shark Shredder
Jaws Rebirth? i mean Mutant Shark Shredder

Observing Saki 's funeral from afar a Foot Mystic used his powers to reactivate the worms which fled Saki's burning corpse and fed on a variety of water creatures such as an Octopuss and a Shark. The monstrous creation seemingly possessed all of Saki's memories and believed itself to the Shredder tracking down the turtles in the sewer it attacked them and kidnapped Splinter.

The turtles caught up with the monster and the Mystic in New Jersey as the worms were about consume Splinter's body and use it as their new vessel as it's own was falling apart. During the battle the monster started falling apart. Realizing that it was not really Oroku Saki and was being used by the mystic, turning on the its ally sending both of them into the water were it fed on the Mystic making him its new vessel.The creature would return once again when it kidnapped Casey Jones' daughter Shadow in an effort to lure the turtles out. The turtles however were away and so it was Jones and Splinter that rescued Shadow.

Current Shredder

Oroku Yoshi?
Oroku Yoshi?

In the current volume of TMNT all the branches of the Foot Clan save for the New York brance have been decimated by strange fighters known as the Warriors of Perfect Virtue who perceived the Foot to be a threat. Noticing that the Foot was manufacturing a book of spells similar to that of that which he found in Splinter's scrolls Leonardo was able to open a portal to the Battle Nexus. There he was shocked to meet a warrior calling himself the Shredder and wearing his armor.

The turtle was even more shocked to see that the person behind the mask looked like Oroku Saki. After a tense moment this Shredder introduced himself as Oroku Yoshi and the turtle became assured that this Shredder was from an alternate reality and is an honorable warrior. When eating together, this new Shredder is challenged the Warriors of Perfect Virtue which he reveals wish to kill him.

Power & Abilities

-Normal human with above average strength, stamina and agility for a man of his age.

-Exceptional hand-to-hand combatant schooled in a wide variety of martial arts fighting techniques.

-Genius level intelligence with aptitudes in a wide variety of sciences.

-An excellent tactician, schooled in the arts of war.


Height - 6' 0"

Weight - 200 lbs.

Eye color - Brown

Hair color - Black

Alternate versions

Dr. Shreddarius

Dr. Shreddarius?
Dr. Shreddarius?

In an alternate universe Oroku Saki known as Shreddarius is scientist working for chairman Lucks to make animals into bio-mechanical soldiers known as the Terrorkinetics to guard against an alien invasion the public believed was coming. Shreddarius took four turtles for himself to make into his own personal ultimate weapon however an accident caused an explosion which scarred Shreddarius. The resulting explosion scarred Shreddarius who used a suit of armor to protect himself. The accident also caused the mutation of the four turtles into Super Turtlles and Shreddarius's pet rat Sliver.

Shreddarius instructed Sliver to train the turtles and soon the Super Turtles were sent out to protect the Luck's law. Soon however two freedom fighters infiltrated the Shell of Justice with proof that the impending alien invasion was hoax made by Lucks and Shreddarius to unite the world under Luck's authority. Realizing that they'd been fighting on the wrong side the Super Turtles turned against the Masters including Sliver who remained loyal to Shreddarius. After capturing Lucks and Sliver the Super Turtles vowed to protect the free world and bring Shreddarius and his Terrorkinetics to justice.


1987 Animated series

When The Evil Shredder Attacks.
When The Evil Shredder Attacks.

In the first cartoon adaption of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Oroku Saki was an ambitious member of the Foot Clan who sought to usurp the leadership of Hamato Yoshi and did so by framing him of conspiracy to murder a shidoshi. Taking over the Foot he turned it into an army of crime. What happened next is unclear but at some point he met and struck a partnership with an exiled alien warlord called Krang who's had his body taken away.

The alien gave Saki access to vast scientific knowledge and advanced alien technology and in exchange Shredder would build a new robotic body. Seeking to rid himself completely of his enemy Yoshi, he used an alien substance called mutagen and pumped it into the sewer tunnels of New York that was now Yoshi's home, hoping that it would exterminate him. By now Saki now called the Shredder had built the Foot into a high tech underground criminal empire which he oversaw his giant mobile base called the Technodrome.

The continual theft of advanced technology got the attention of a journalist April O'Neil, the Shredder sent a group of punks to pressure her into keeping quiet. The journalist was rescued by the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles who helped her uncover the Foot and Shredder's involvement in the crimes. Shredder would continue to encounter the turtles in the cartoon which made him the turtle's primary villain who would be in almost all the episodes of the show.

The show was lighter in tone to the original comics but beyond the third season the show drew a lot of humor from the relationship between Shredder and Krang likening them to an old married couple. The show also gave Shredder a mother (also a super villain) and a brother called Kazuo Saki who was a police officer. Dubbed the "Red Sky" season by fans, Shredder once again presented as a real threat to the turtles and in bold move destroyed the Channel 6 building. The last episode of the season had the turtles destroying the Technodrome's engines, standing the Shredder in Dimension-X.

In the the final two seasons the Shredder was no longer the primary antagonist, a new villain called Lord Dregg took his place, the Shredder did appear in part episode of the final season.

2003 Animated series

This version of Shredder was revealed to be an Utrom
This version of Shredder was revealed to be an Utrom

The Shredder of the 2003 series is in an alien, an utrom, named Ch'rell, a criminal who has caused death and destruction across the galaxy for his quest at galactic domination.

He was captured by his own kind for his treachery, but caused the ship to malfunction and crash on Earth. While there, he became the Shredder and gained legions of warriors known as the Foot Clan. As Oroku Saki, he would be seen as respected billionaire, having helped make the city a more safer place with his funds, but this is mask for his illegal operations with the Foot Clan, Purple Dragons and the New York Mob. Unlike the previous incarnations where he killed Yoshi for personal reasons, Shredder murdered him for aiding his enemies. The Shredder would remain as the main villain of the first 3 seasons until imprisoned on an asteroid in the third season finale. For season 4, his adopted daughter, Karai, would take his place.

Karai as Shredder
Karai as Shredder

In Season 5, it would be revealed there was already another Shredder before Ch'rell. This Shredder was a demon terrorizing Japan until a team of 5 warriors were sent to slay it. Before the most skilled, Oroku Saki, killed it, he made a secret deal, allowing the creature's essence to merge with his soul. The two became one and terrorized Japan with his dark magic and army of demons, that is until the other warriors, now called the Ninja Tribunal, defeated their former brother and buried him alive. Ch'rell would steal the identity of the Shredder to gain respect. The 5 Foot Mystics, revealed to be minor demons who served the original Shredder, escape Karai's control and resurrect their master.

The Demon Shredder would become the main villain of the 5th season. He is much more violent and sadistic than his successor, however, he sees everything like a game and underestimates his opponents. He is much more powerful, using dark magic to hover, summon demons and even turn into a dragon. He would attempt to turn Earth into a demonic empire until the turtles, uniting their allies and enemies, would face him and his army in an epic battle. The turtles then transform into dragons to face him, destroying his helmet and gauntlet and then use up all of their magic to summon the spirit of Hamato Yoshi, who slices the demon in half, killing him once and for all.

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