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Firebrand & the Guardian – The Devil’s Own

The third Firebrand is visiting Metropolis, when he is attacked by the Guardian. The Guardian mistakes him for some sort of demon due to the firebrand armor rig that he is wearing. In the middle of the two of them fighting, both Firebrand and Guardian are attacked by kids that Guardian calls “The Devil’s Own.” Firebrand believes that the kids are not acting of their own will. The kids beat the two heroes down, but then flee. Guardian and Firebrand pick up the kids’ trail as they slaughter another gang. The Devil’s Own is being controlled by a teenager that has downloaded the dark arts. Guardian and Firebrand attack just as the kids’ leader is performing a ritual tom bring a demon to Earth. The duo stop the ritual and free the kids’ minds.

The Shade and Dr. Fate in a Tale of Times Past – Day & Night, Night & Bright, Part One

The Shade tells us a Tale of Times Past. While fighting two Flashes ( Barry Allen and Jay Garrick), the Shade is suddenly teleported away by Dr. Fate. Dr. Fate has learned of the Shade’s origin: a night where 104 souls were lost to both heaven and hell. Dr. Fate approaches the Shade because Culp, the person that created the Shade, is trying again. However, instead of sacrificing 104 souls, he plans to sacrifice thousands using a high-tech transmitter. The Shade and Dr. Fate team up to take down Culp and stop his plan.

The Demon – Street of Dreams

Before falling asleep, Jason Blood is reading books to help him rid himself of Etrigan the Demon. However, when he wakes, he wakes covered in blood, laying next to killed pigs. Blood demands to know how Etrigan could control him. Etrigan feigns to know nothing about it. However, we find that Etrigan has gotten another demon to craft a voodoo marionette likeness of Blood. The next night, Blood finds that he has killed a man. Realizing what is happening, Blood switches place with Etrigan, and destroys his effigy while in hell.

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