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Mongul – Exit to Eden, Part 1

Trapped on a penal colony, Mongul is forced to relive his origins and his greatest nightmare. After one failed escape, Mongul organizes a prison riot, and tears through the colony’s guards. Mongul destroys the VR machine that caused his pain. He grabs a derelict ship, and escapes, leaving the colony in chaos. His ship finally falling apart, Mongul is rescued by a hospice ship, that begins healing him. Mongul smiles when he realizes these doctors have no idea what they’re in for.

Arion the Immortal – Hiding Place on Rye, Hold the Mayo

In a small deli on the lower east side of Manhattan, ancient Atlanteans Arion and Chaon continue to debate the merits of good versus evil. Once, their battles rages across ancient Atlantis. However, now their battles rage across the dining room of Chaon’s deli. Arion is tired of staying on the sidelines in the battle between Order and Chaos, and works through his personal demons to go back out into the world.

The New Gods – A Shadow Over Eden

After four victims to an unknown entity on New Genesis, one of the New Gods escapes death to report to Highfather and Lightray of a living shadow. Meanwhile, Orion also catches a glimpse of the shadow, and the shadow gets a swing on him before disappearing. Orion sets himself as bait, but instead of drawing out the shadow, he draws out Forager. Orion becomes suspicious and attacks Forager. Forager transforms, and reveals herself to be the shadow entity, an entity that can become a person’s worst fears. The shadowself (as it calls itself) transforms into Orion and attacks, but is easily defeated by Orion. Orion had become comfortable with his own “dark side” ages ago.


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