Showcase '95 #6

    Showcase '95 » Showcase '95 #6 - Bibbo released by DC Comics on July 1, 1995.

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    Cover art by Denis Rodier. Cheaters Always Prosper! starring Bibbo, script by Mike Carlin, art by Denis Rodier; Lobo discovers there is more to Krypto than he thought. The Alienation of Unification starring the Legionnaires, script by Beau Smith, pencils by Mike Huddleston, inks by Jim Mahfood; Andromeda and Apparition transport prisoners. Learning Curve starring The Science Police; Shvaughn and Gigi deal with a rookie officer.

    Bibbo – Cheaters Always Prosper

    Bibbo is at his bar when a teleporter brings him his old friend Raof, an alien canine. Bibbo recounts his stories with Raof, Lobo, and Superman to the bar. However, Raof has come to warn Bibbo that other alien canines are chasing him. The alien canines, led by Skruffy, break into the bar. Bibbo challenges them to a game of poker. When the canines realize that they’re being swindled, they attack. But Lobo steps in to save his “favorite pet.” Lobo gets the canines to heel with a fire hydrant, then rounds them up to take them home. Bibbo is left to clean up, but happy to have another story to tell.

    Legionnaires – The Alienation of Unification

    Legion of Super-Heroes members Apparition and Andromeda are taking three Legion recruits via Legion Cruiser: Brawler, Tomb, and Cannus. While en route, the Legion Cruiser is attacked by space pirates and boarded. The three recruits must help Andromeda fend off the pirates while Apparition repairs the cruiser. Andromeda and the recruits use “diplomacy and tact” and quite a lot of muscle to defeat the pirates.

    Science Police – Learning Curve

    Science Police officer Shvaughn Erin is assigned the training of cadet Sybelle Deacon, who already has a record of unregulated and unorthodox methods. Erin, Deacon, and Gigi Cusimano are assigned to back up Legion of Super-Heroes member Leviathan, who is wrangling some winged creatures attacking Edmund Research. Deacon realizes that something is controlling the creatures via collars. While Leviathan is de-collaring the creatures, Deacon tracks the controlling signal to the real perpetrators. Deacon gets pinned down, but Leviathan saves her life. Deacon realizes that maybe these Legionnaires are worth something after all.


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