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Cover pencils by Stuart Immonen, inks by Wade Von Grawbadger. Perfect Form starring Supergirl, script by Charles Moore, pencils by Stuart Immonen, inks by Wade Von Grawbadger; Supergirl and three scientists defeat Lord Dichon (story continues in New Titans #120). Do the Clothes Make the Man? starring Argus, script by Mark Wheatley and Allan Gross, pencils by Phil Hester, inks by Wayne Faucher; Argus' new armor goes bad and he ends up killing a criminal he is hunting. Shreddin' Metal! starring the Metal Men, script by Mike Carlin, pencils by Paul Pelletier, inks by John Stokes; The Metal Men test the limits of Veridium's abilities, and then are attacked by Shrapnel.

Supergirl – Perfect Form

Continued from last issue. Lord Dichon has captured Supergirl in her protomatter form, and plans on using her as a new host. Supergirl reforms her body and breaks free, and starts fighting Lord Dichon’s robots. Supergirl blasts from Dichon’s starship, saving the Bonedigger Labs crew when their airship was destroyed. Dichon is still after the crystals beneath Charlotte, and Supergirl and the Bonedigger Labs crew figure out a way to block his next attempt. They raid Dichon’s ship, deactivate his robots, and fight him to a standstill. The ship is destroyed in the battle, but Supergirl and the Bonedigger Labs rep escape. With the threat neutralized, Supergirl returns home, only to be ambushed by Raven.

Argus – Do The Clothes Make The Man?

Continued from last issue. With his costume destroyed, Argus has commissioned the creation of a new one; however this new one is more battle armor than costume. With the new armor, Argus infiltrates Lee Anne Mosher’s eco-terrorist base. When he attacks, Argus’ suit goes haywire and both burns Mosher’s face and destroys the base. Argus abandons the battle armor for a more traditional costume.

Metal Men – Shreddin’ Metal

The Metal Men, led by Veridian (the former Will Magnus), are undergoing testing by Dr. Emil Hamilton. Veridian wishes to test the extent of damage their metal shells can withstand. After the testing, the Metal Men and Dr. Hamilton’s team are assaulted by Shrapnel. Shrapnel has been hired by Tonegawa to finally destroy the Metal Men. The Metal Men defeat Shrapnel, and Dr. Hamilton helps repair them.

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