Showcase '94 #8

    Showcase '94 » Showcase '94 #8 - Scarface released by DC Comics on July 1, 1994.

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    Revealed for the first time: the shocking secret origin of one (or is that two?) of Batman's deadliest adversaries, Scarface and the Ventriloquist. Set in Blackgate Prison several years ago, this 2-part story of prisoners at the edge of sanity is written by Alan Grant and John Wagner, with art by Teddy Kristiansen. In a special prelude to ZERO HOUR, Waverider plunges through the timestream searching for the missing Monarch, determined to stop him before he can cause further destruction. Written by Dan Jurgens, with pencils by Frank Fosco. And Ted Grant, the original Wildcat, is back on the prowl. Following the death of Yolanda Montez, the new Wildcat, Grant must learn the truth behind a witch's claim that the dead hero can be restored to life. Written by Eddie Berganza, with art by Nick Gnazzo and Ray Kryssing. Cover by Ted McKeever.

    Scarface – The Secret Origin of Scarface, Part 1: The Gallows Doll

    A criminal in Blackgate prison named Donnegan is given a book on ventriloquism to keep himself entertained. Donnegan practices, and soon becomes good enough to put on a show for the warden. He creates himself a dummy using wood from Blackgate’s gallows… gallows that have seen the deaths of over 300 people and is still soaked in their blood. Donnegan creates the dummy we know as Scarface. Donnegan and Scarface are found arguing with each other as Donnegan receives a new roommate: Arnold Wesker. Donnegan is over-protective of the dummy, and beats Wesker the first time he uses it. Wesker tries to hang himself, but the dummy talks him out of it, claiming they’re going to bust out tonight.

    Wildcat – Brujas y Gatos

    The despondent mother of the second Wildcat, Yolanda Montez, has enlisted experts in brujeria to bring her back to the dead. Montez’s brother, Jose, believes her mother is being conned. He enlists the aid of the first Wildcat, Ted Grant, and the two break into the ceremony. Yolanda appears to have been resurrected, however Jose discovers she is an imposter. During Wildcat’s fight with the fake Yolanda, the room catches on fire and the con artists flee.

    Countdown to Zero Hour – Sum: Zero

    At the Vanishing Point, Rip Hunter interrupts Waverider looking back on his past. While noticing an anomaly in 1994, an alarm triggers and the Linear Men discover where Monarch is hiding. Rip Hunter go on the offensive, not realizing that Monarch was using himself as bait for an ambush. Monarch drops Waverider and kidnaps him.


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