Showcase '94 #7

    Showcase '94 » Showcase '94 #7 - Penguin released by DC Comics on June 1, 1994.

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    The Penguin has taken Sarah Essen Gordon hostage and Commissioner Gordon must engage the villain in a battle of wits to free his wife, while the Penguin seeks to prove that the Batman who is currently at large in Gotham City is not the original. Written by Peter David, with art by P. Craig Russell and Michael T. Gilbert. Terrorsmith, the New Blood character from Justice League America (1987) Annual #7, doesn't like using his powers to turn people into monsters...but that's precisely why Brainstorm wants him! Written by William Messner-Loebs, with pencils by William D. Hodge. Arsenal of the New Titans stars in "Weapons," as a hostage situation forces Roy Harper to grapple with his own inner demons. Written by Kurt Busiek, with pencils by Tom Reyn. Cover by Jae Lee.

    Penguin – Cracks

    The Penguin has been captured by the Gotham City Police Department, and is being interrogated by Commissioner Gordon. Penguin has captured Gordon’s wife Sarah, and Gordon tries to remain his cool as he plays Penguin’s game. Penguin tries to get Gordon to reveal that the real Batman has died. Gordon finally loses it, and is going to throw Penguin off the roof of the building. Just as Gordon is about to toss him over, Batman ( Jean-Paul Valley) enters with Sarah. The Penguin becomes convinced that this Batman is the real one.

    Terrorsmith – Life on the Run

    The New Blood villain Terrorsmith has been recruited by Brainstorm to join his new gang. However, Terrorsmith’s power first affects one of Brainwave’s waitresses, then Brainwave himself, transforming them into monsters. Chaos erupts, and Terrorsmith tries to flee, but he keeps accidentally transforming Brainwave’s goons into monsters. Finally, the monsters transform back to their original forms, and Terrorsmith slips away.

    Arsenal – Weapons

    Arsenal has been assigned to protect the Foreign Minister of Bialya. However, a rebel group takes him by surprise and kidnaps the minister’s daughter. The kidnappers succeed, and Arsenal is in pursuit. Arsenal finds the kidnappers’ hideout, and takes out the outer guards. He is not able to do it without alerting the main group, who force him to disarm. He creates a diversion, uses his weapons skills, and is able to rescue the daughter.


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