Showcase '94 #10

    Showcase '94 » Showcase '94 #10 - Azrael released by DC Comics on September 1994.

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    Following the shattering conclusion of 'KnightsEnd,' Jean Paul Valley struggles with an uncertain future in "Azrael: Aftermath," written by Alan Grant, with art by Mike Vosburg and Ron McCain, a story that bridges the Batman books with the Azrael ongoing series. In Part 1 of the 2-part "The Tempting," Black Condor faces Peregrine, a new foe who tries to use his knowledge of the hero's true potential to lure Black Condor to the side of evil - and the very act of opposing Peregrine will ensure the villain's victory. Written by Brian Augustyn, with pencils by Anthony Chun. Also featuring a special ZERO HOUR tie-in story in which Chronos, Clock King, Calendar Man and Time Commander learn just how screwed-up time has become - again and again. Written by Mike McAvennie and pencilled by Jason Armstrong. Cover by Joe Quesada and Karl Kesel.

    Azrael – Aftermath

    While remembering his rise and fall as Batman, a depressed Jean-Paul Valley sits in a huddle next to the homeless of Gotham. Valley defends a paraplegic homeless man when he is threatened by thugs for stealing alcohol. The other homeless cheer on Valley, which thaws his heart out just a bit.

    Black Condor – The Tempting, Part 1: The Beating of Wing

    The Black Condor is attacked by the Peregrine, an entity that has possessed a young woman. The Peregrine forces the Black Condor to decide his destiny: to be a hero or be a villain. When Condor refuses, the Peregrine entity possesses his friend Ned Smith.

    Zero Hour – Deja Views

    A group of time-based villains ( Calendar Man, Chronos, Clock King, and Time Commander) break into the Time Institute. The villains have realized that time is starting to splinter, due to the coming Zero Hour, and seek equipment to save themselves. However, the time skipping becomes worse as the four meet their future and past selves. The Time Commander gets shot by a guard, and the time splintering gets worse. The Lord of Time appears, and explains that something is eating the past and the future. Believing themselves safe if they destroy the Time Commander’s hourglass, they smash it. However, they are wrong as reality fades to white.


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