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Knightfall Part 14. Two-Face captures an exhausted Batman, forcing the Dark Knight to face one of his most dangerous foes while at his weakest, in a story written by Doug Moench, with art by Klaus Janson. In "Brainwashed," Deadshot targets Deathstroke and Peacemaker as they continue their pursuit of Kobra, and Deadshot never misses! Written by Mike Baron, with art by Gary Barker and Jose Marzan, Jr. And Fire and Ice face an erupting volcano in "Shadow of the Honeycreeper," written by Elliot S. Maggin, with art by Steven Harris and Carlos Pedrazzini. Cover by Glenn Fabry.

Two-Face – Part 2: Bad Judgment

Continued from last issue. Two-Face’s goons fish Batman’s body out of the river, but Batman is waiting in ambush. Though he puts up a fight, Batman is captured and brought to the gutted former Gotham City Municipal Courthouse. Two-Face plans on reliving the events causing him to become Two-Face, but with Batman on trial. “Legs” Lyman’s gang serves as the judge and jurors. Batman awakes, and regrets asking Robin to stay off this mission. Robin, however, has deduced Batman’s location, and is en-route to the rescue. As Batman escapes, Robin comes swinging in on a wrecking ball. Robin makes a judgment call, and whips his sling at Two-Face’s face, sending him flying off a building. Batman saves Two-Face, and chastises Robin for his choice. In the present, though, Bruce Wayne wakes from his coma, saying that Robin had made the right choice.

The Kobra Kronicles, Part 3: Brainwashed

From last issue, Peacemaker and Deathstroke bring the corpse of the mutated Kobra trooper back to Peacemaker’s estate in Geneva, where they perform an autopsy. Their analysis is not completed, however, before the estate is assaulted by Deadshot, who has been hired by Kobra to kill them. Deathstroke tries to hire Deadshot away from Kobra. Deadshot remains unconvinced, until additional Kobra troops fire on him. Deadshot takes Deathstroke’s offer, and the three attack the Kobra troops assaulting the estate. Kobra orders his troops to retreat, preferring to deal with the vigilantes personally.

Fire and Ice – Shadow of the Honeycreeper

Justice Leaguers Fire and Ice head to Hawaii, where they take part in a photo shoot on the lip of an active volcano on Honeycreeper Mountain. When the volcano erupts, Fire and Ice must save the people on the nearby macadamia plantation. They succeed, though the efforts render Ice unconscious. After their return to the U.S., Fire and Ice are invited to the wedding of the plantation owner.


  • 48 page issue.
  • "2 Face, Part 2: Bad Judgment" (Two-Face) written by Doug Monech, penciled, inked and colored by Klaus Janson and lettered by Ken Bruzenak. Knightfall: Part 15 continues in Batman #498.
  • "The Kobra Kronicles Part 3" "Brainwashed" (Peacemaker and Deathstroke) written by Mike Baron, penciled by Gary Barker, inked by Jose Marzan Jr., colored by Paul Mounts and lettered by Gaspar.
  • "Shadow of the Honeycreeper" (Fire and Ice) written by Elliot S! Maggin, penciled by Steve Harris, inked by Carlos Pedrazzini, colored by Stuart Chaifetz and lettered by Lois Buhalis.
  • Guy Gardner and Martian Manhunter cameo appearances.
  • "Deecee Universe 11" one page featuring "Rube's Soapdish" by Ruben Diaz, "The Bull's Utter" a one panel comic by Brian Augustyn and "Gripeline: Don't Even Wait For It" a parody of upcoming releases such as Defective Comics and Doogie Hawkman M.D.

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