Showcase '93 #11

    Showcase '93 » Showcase '93 #11 - Nightwing released by DC Comics on November 1, 1993.

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    Robin and Nightwing meet in New York in the first part of a two-part story to face two of their deadliest foes, in a story written by Doug Moench and drawn by Bob McLeod. Then, in the action-packed conclusion of "The Kobra Kronicles," Peacemaker, Deathstroke, Katana, Deadshot and Dr. Light finally join forces to face Kobra and his mutated minions. Written by Mike Baron, with art by Cary Nord and Jose Marzan, Jr. And Wonder Woman meets a young mutant named Sneaker in the sewers of Boston...along with a horrible creature from ancient times, in a story written by Ivan Velez, Jr., with art by David A. Hooper and Art Nichols. Cover by George Perez.

    Robin and Nightwing – Raptors

    Robin contacts Nightwing for help tracking down Ramon Bracuda the crime boss. Robin feels more comfortable approaching Nightwing after a fallout between him and Jean-Paul Valley. Robin has been tracking Bracuda for quite some time, and Bracuda managed to elude capture or walk free the last three times Robin faced him. Nightwing agrees, and they use computers to track Bracuda and his new ally, Big Chulo. Robin and Nightwing spook Chulo, which allows them to follow Chulo to Bracuda. Bracula uses a grenade to provide cover for his escape, and Nightwing joins Robin in his frustrations of allowing Bracuda to escape.

    The Kobra Kronicles, Part 6: I’m on an Island

    During the events of last issue, Kobra has retreated to his island fortress and tricked Dr. Light into helping him. Now, Kobra has Peacemaker hostage, while Dr. Light has captured Deathstroke and Katana. Only Deadshot remains, having had escaped. Deadshot causes a distraction, allowing Peacemaker an opening to escape. When Kobra’s assistant Gennifer order Dr. Light to kill her captives, Dr. Light turns on Kobra. Deadshot primes the island to explode, and the five intruders face off against a mutated Gennifer while trying to escape. Kobra escapes as well.

    Wonder Woman and the Last Hope

    Wonder Woman arrives on the scene to stop a person with a bomb strapped to his chest. Little does she know that he is a distraction as an invisible street urchin steals her magic lasso. The urchin heads to the sewers, where she gives the lasso to “Lammy.” Lammy is Lamia of Acacia, cursed by the gods of Olympus and transformed into an immortal green amphibious creature. Lamia hoped to use the magic lasso to finally commit suicide. Wonder Woman talks Lamia out of the suicide, and Lamia realizes how much Joey, the street urchin, depends on her. Lamia and Joey leave content in each others’ presence.


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