Showcase #91

    Showcase » Showcase #91 - Planet of Death! / Space Duel released by DC Comics on June 1970.

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    Planet of Death!

    Starker leads a tough life!
    Starker leads a tough life!

    In the year 2070, mankind has conquered space and colonized the solar system. However, with interplanetary and interstellar commerce comes space pirates that prey on freighters and mining operations of all the races of the galaxy. With the rise in piracy, the United Federation of Planets calls on a new breed of freelance bounty hunter. One such man is Starker: Manhunter 2070. A suave man, Starker surrounds himself with beautiful women, and his robot assistant Arky, in his satellite orbiting Jupiter.

    Starker gets word through Arky that there has been an escape from the maximum security prison on Deimos: three fugitive killers (a human, a Jovian, and an Andromedan) are on the run, and the price on their heads is 250,000 credits. Starker is on the move, heading to their calculated hideout: Pheidos, a planet on the outer edge of the Andromeda Galaxy.

    Starker arrives at Pheidos, and starts his search in the planet’s jungle. While fighting off the various indigenous creatures of Pheidos, Starker triggers an alarm. The fugitives now know he is after them, and attack. However, the inhabitants of Pheidos prove just as problematic for the fugitives, with cannibal ants killing the human named Lester.

    With only two fugitives left, Starker waits in ambush, until all three are ambushed themselves by a dragon-like creature. The saurian kills the other two fugitives, then turns on Starker. Starker grabs the Jovian fugitive’s two-handed sword, then on his air-sled, impales the saurian like a knight of old. Starker brings back the bodies of the dead fugitives and collects his reward.

    Space Duel

    In a vignette, Starker comes across an alien slaver operation that kidnaps creatures for either labor or sport. Starker is captured, but manages to escape and alert the Federation , which brings in some cruisers to break up the operation.



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    Showcase presents: Manhunter 2070 0

    In the 1960s and 1970s, instead of launching new titles, DC Comics would take a concept and try it out in a comic series it called Showcase. They would give a series 1-3 issues, and if fan response was positive, it would spin it off into its own series. Some of the features in Showcase ( Flash, Green Lantern, Atom, the Metal Men) spun off and became big successes, while others never got their own series.  This is the debut of one of those “failures”: ...

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