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Firehair vs. Black Eagle
Firehair vs. Black Eagle

In the Great Plains in the early 1800s, a grizzled old gold miner walks his way across Absaroke territory looking for riches. The cantankerous old man is beset by a tribe of Absaroke Indians. The old man seems done for, but for the intervention of Firehair. Firehair, son of the chief of the Blackfoot Tribe, intervenes, and is attacked. The chief of the Absaroke war party, Black Eagle, challenges Firehair to one-on-one combat. Firehair agrees, and the two fight.

Firehair defeats Black Eagle in combat, and forces him to take the two of them back to his tribe. They return to camp, where the chief of the Absaroke, White Indian, is frustrated at his son’s failure. Still, he offers his home to Firehair and the old man. While Firehair and the tribe sleep, the old man finds gold in the nearby river. The old man plans to pan for the gold while the Indians prepare for their Sun Dance, which includes combat by knives for Firehair.

Firehair bests Black Eagle in combat, and becomes an honorary member of the tribe, as well as a blood brother to Black Eagle. While the Indians enjoy their Sun Dance, the old man steals the gold from the tribe’s river and leaves. The Absaroke discover his absence, and have their newest member, Firehair, bring him back. Firehair hunts down the old man, saves him from a grizzly, and shows no fear when the old man holds him at gunpoint. Since Firehair saved the old man twice, the old man cannot fire upon him. The old man surrenders, and Firehair brings him and his gold back to the tribe. Since the tribe’s promise still stands, the old man is free to go, provided he leaves the gold. The old man agrees, and Firehair moves on to his next adventure.







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