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Conducting business *and* pleasure
Conducting business *and* pleasure

The issue opens with western pacifist “hero” Bat Lash seducing a woman. When the woman’s boyfriend Bart shows up looking to kill Bat Lash, Bat Lash shoots the pistol out of Bart’s hand and hightails it out of town on his horse Daisy.

Bat Lash heads to the nearby town of Welcome, where he finds the honest folk heading out of town in a hurry. A group of “lead-slingin’ sidewinders” are taking over the town. When a bunch of locals in the town tavern make fun of him, Bat Lash upends the table, making short work of them. Of course, he immediately returns to wooing the tavern’s bartender.

In the nearby general store, Bat Lash finally runs into two of the sidewinders running people out of town. He outguns the two, which causes the other sidewinders to come gunning for him. When Bat Lash is confronted by one in the town’s main street being used as bait, Bat Lash sadly guns down another one. The remaining members ambush Bat Lash in the local liquor store, but Bat Lash makes short work of them.

The gang report Bat Lash’s doings to their boss, who sends the gang gunning after him. After taking out the gang, Bat Lash realizes who the leader is: the beautiful bartender he has been flirting with the whole issue. Bat Lash scams the woman, and tricks her into being locked away in the town jail. Saddened, it is time for Bat Lash to move on.







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DC's OTHER Western Hero 0

Bat Lash is unwelcome in 'Welcome'Issue 76 of Showcase features DC's other Western hero. While Jonah Hex is far and away the most popular gunslinger in the DC Universe, there is one other character that stands out amongst the cadre of cowboys and Indians that have graced the pages of DC Comics: Bat Lash.In some ways, Bat Lash and Jonah Hex are polar opposites. Hex is ugly and disfigured. Bat is a pretty boy. Hex dresses in a shabby grey Civil War uniform. Bat Lash dresses in flashy clothes with ...

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