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The Teen Titans-- Robin, Kid Flash, Wonder Girl and Aqualad-- battle a trio of rock 'n' roll robbers in this classic tale!

Dig those Flips!
Dig those Flips!

Newest teen singing group the Flips are a sensation! Even the teenage sidekicks of the greatest heroes of Earth dig their sound. However, after their latest concert, three kids dressed like the Flips commit a robbery. The Flips are brought in by the police, and cannot provide an alibi to the crime.

With the Flips in jail and unable to attend their concern in Clarkston, the teenagers of Clarkston call in the Teen Titans. The Teen Titans convince the concert to go on, and provide themselves as guards. The Titans lock the Flips in their dressing room before the concert with Robin on guard, while Aqualad guards their props, and Kid Flash and Wonder Girl patrol the streets.

However, an hour or so later, Robin discovers the Flips are gone through a hole in the wall. The Flips’ items are also gone. Wonder Girl spots two of the Flips heading towards a bank, but is ambushed by the third Flip before she can intervene. The three Flips rob the bank, outmaneuvering Kid Flash with an oil slick.

The Titans find the Flips in a nearby barn, and capture them as they sleep. However, the Flips again claim no knowledge of the crimes. Suspicious, the Titans hatch a plan with the police. They announce the Flips are released, and sure enough the Flips commit crimes. However, this time, the Titans lay in ambush disguised as the real Flips. They catch the fake Flips in the act, and exonerate the real Flips. The town of Clarkston is overjoyed.

This is the 3rd official appearance of the Teen Titans as a team and the second appearance of them under the name "Teen Titans"!


  • “Other Times, Other Teens”
  • “Little Pete” by Henry Boltinoff

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