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Metal Men

By The Angry Comic Book Critic
      First let me say this review wasn't what I planned to was give a review on the origin of Thor but because Marvel comics are a bunch of money grubbing dick weeds and want me to pay for digital comics that's just not going to happen so instead we're going to take a look at DC Showcase presents #39 which is one of the Metal Men's earliest appearances as well as the 1st appearance of Chemo you know that living chemical spill that haunts Al Gore's Nightmares. Well this is DC's 1st comic in my Silver Age Classics Review Series but for the fans of DC comics out there don't count on many more I've never really read many titles from DC's Silver Age my main Silver age books come from Marvel Comics and unless I can find them for free online it's not going to happen either. Well enough on that depressing news lets dive in and critique this bad boy.
       Okay I'm going to make it very clear here that DC and Marvel Comics where VERY DIFFERENT in the Silver Age while Marvel comics had some basis in reality DC was how can I put this gently....on an acid trip of epic proportions. They had everything from aliens to Batman Indians and Rainbow monsters it kinda tells you they might have been running out of ideas. So lets take a look at the art for this comic now  the pencils are done by a man by the name of Ross Andru and I must say he did a very good job considering the time at which this comic was made I must especially tip my hat to him for how he draws platinum giving a surprisingly human look to  an otherwise mechanical being. Now the story where would we be without the story? It all begins with the Metal Me, their creator Dr. Magnus and a Colonel Caspar looking for a missing Scientist by the name of Ramsey Norton. The Metal Men land on the roof of Norton's lab only for a gigantic hand (probably Thing's big bother) to crash through the roof and grab Magnus and Platinum as the rest of the metal men try to rescue them they are dragged into the lab where it is reveal to be Dr. Norton who has grown into a giant...See what I mean when I say the Silver age for DC was a really weird time in their history. Back to the story so Norton tells Magnus of how he came to be this way. He tells him of how he had been work on a growth serum in order to solve world hunger on unfortunately anything it comes in contact with explodes....we call it the Big things go BOOM effect. So Norton dumps the serum into his already overflowing glasses man which he call Chemo but somehow the serum brings chemo to life and he sprays the Dr. with the serum that's how he got into his present situation. Now long story short the Metal men fight Chemo get there asses handed to them the 1st time around and as per usually beat him the 2nd time by trapping him underground using the Natural Gas jets to hold him in place. Now this issue ends on a strange note the characters actually break the 4th wall and talk to the audience telling them they will get canceled unless we wrote into DC to give them there own series....I guess we all know who inspired Deadpool to pull those stunts.
       I'm The Angry Comic Book Critic and this Silver age Classic gets the Stamp of approval tune in next time more Silver Age Classics
DC Showcase Presents #39

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