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"Easy to explain?" Really?

From the Justice League Satellite, a collection of random heroes watches as the fabric of time is being disrupted. Members of the Justice League ( Aquaman, Atom, Flash, Green Lantern), the Teen Titans ( Aqualad, Hawk & Dove, Kid Flash, Robin, Wonder Girl), Adam Strange, the Metal Men ( Gold, Iron, Lead, Mercury, Platinum, Tin), and Rip Hunter and his team (Bonnie, Corky, and Jeff) all watch as people from various time periods pop up in the modern day. Using the Justice League’s computers, Adam Strange determines it is because the Earth is being pulled from its orbit. While Adam believes it is the work of an alien force, Rip Hunter thinks that the problem is in the time stream itself. The heroes split up, each taking a different route to solve the problem.

Adam Strange, Atom, Flash, and Green Lantern head off into space to search for the source of the energy dragging the planet out of orbit. Using Green Lantern’s Power Ring, the team discovered a humongous yellow cloaked spaceship. Giant yellow robots launch from the ship, and attack the heroes.

On Earth, the Metal Men attempt to corral the people pouring in from different time streams. They build metal fencing, but are facing panic from those that do not understand what is happening; including Ne-Ahn, the father of Anthro. Rip Hunter’s team has entered the timestream, looking for the culprit.

Back in Metropolis, Lois Lane sends out a plea over the WGBS airwaves to Superman, asking him to help. When her broadcast is done, she runs into fellow reporter Jack Ryder (secretly the Creeper), who is snooping around the situation. While Superman does not answer Lois’ call, the Challengers of the Unknown do. They use their equipment to detect an anomaly in the Midwest. The Challengers take off, with Lois and a hitchhiking Creeper in tow.

In space, Green Lantern’s team is having trouble holding off the giant robots until a spaceship swoops in and helps them out. The ship belongs to the 22nd century Space Ranger, and he and Cryll help out the heroes. Flash is able to breach the spaceship, and find it home to some sort of creature that is neither animal nor vegetable. The heroes defeat the creature, but their commandeering of the spaceship does not stop the Earth from hurtling out of orbit.

The most random assemblage of
The most random assemblage of "heroes" ever seen.

Back on Earth, another unlikely group has assembled to try to figure out what is causing the time disruptions: Angel and the Ape, Anthro and Ne-Ahn, Willy and Windy, Binky, Tommy Tomorrow, Bat Lash, Firehair, and the Inferior Five. While Bat Lash hits on Angel O’Day, Tommy Tomorrow gathers everyone into his spaceship to determine the problem.

Other heroes have gathered together to help with crowd control on Earth: Aquaman has enlisted the help of the Sea Devils and Dolphin to save flooding victims; the Metal Men help corral a dinosaur; and the Teen Titans help stop a horde of Vikings. In space, the Phantom Stranger arrives, and helps Green Lantern’s team summon the Spectre. The Spectre uses his tremendous power to hold Earth in orbit while the other heroes stop whatever is pulling on it.

Over the Rocky Mountains, the Challengers’ team discovers an unusual monolith. When the Challengers figure out a way to get in, Lois Lane jumps in through their opening, trapping herself in the monolith. Tommy Tomorrow’s team also finds the same monolith, and Angel O’Day also finds herself trapped in it like Lois. Angel and Lois both separately find their way to the center of the monolith. They meet up, and find the alien intelligence behind the plot: an alien that hoped to use the Earth as a bullet to destroy his enemy’s home planet.

As the Spectre succeeds in permanently returning Earth to its orbit, Angel and Lois destroy the alien’s equipment. The alien is forced to flee, and as it leaves Earth, everyone who has been displaced in time fades back to their natural time period. Lois and Angel congratulate each other for saving the day.


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