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Mary Delacroix is an orphan who was raised for a time by Sister Justine ("Ju-Ju'), who tried to instill in Mary a reverence for life and God, and also taught her how to shoot. Mary went on to train to be a Warrior Nun. Rebellious from the beginning, she left the order to strike out on her own, in part because of a resentment over the preferential treatment the Magic Priests received over the Nuns.


Shotgun Mary was created by Ben Dunn.

Powers and Abilities

After leaving the order, Mary no longer has any divine powers that are granted to the Warrior Nuns. Her abilities are limited to her exceptional marksmanship and knowledge of firearms. She's also a skilled hand-to-hand combatant.

Equipment and Weapons

Her preference for shotguns gave her her name. She uses silver bullets as well as blessed ammunition (a mixture of holy ash and incense) to avoid collateral human damage.

Other Media

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Antarctic Press released Shotgun Mary action figures, with several color variants, in 1996.

Known variants are:

  • Purple Chest (portrayed)
  • Black Chest
  • Leather Jacket
  • White Leather Jacket

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