Shonen Jump #33

    Shonen Jump » Shonen Jump #33 released by Viz on September 2005.

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    In Yu-Gi-Oh!: Millennium World Diabound is stronger than before! Who will win, and who will be trapped forever in the darkness of the tomb?

    In Naruto, Sasuke faces off against Yoroi in anything-goes one-on-one combat, and this fight could end in death.

    In Shaman King, the rocking monks have a special song just for Yoh - can he survive the dreadful melody?

    In Hikaru No Go, Showdown at Haze Go Club! The club isn't letting Hikaru go without a fight!

    In One Piece, Nami and Arlong are in cahoots?! Say it ain't so! And what's with the giant sea-cow?

    And finally, in Yuyu Hakusho, Urameshi pulls no punches against Bakuken, who took advantage of ailing Kurama.

    Table of Contents

    MangaChapter #Chapter Name
    Bobobo-bo Bo-boboOne-Shot*[None]
    Naruto67Unholy Gifts!
    Naruto68Blood of the Uchiha
    Yu-Gi-Oh!: Millennium World15**Dark Genesis
    Yu-Gi-Oh!: Millennium World16The Invisible Door
    Hikaru no Go43Yet Another Step Forward
    Hikaru no Go44The Insei Exam
    One Piece73Monsters of the Grand Line
    One Piece74Business
    One Piece75Of Maps and Fish-Men
    Shaman King65Night in the Flame
    Shaman King66Sutras at Sunset
    Yu Yu Hakusho69A Battle All Alone
    Yu Yu Hakusho70Fist of Rage!!

    * Preview; originally one-shot titled Bobobo and Don Patch (collected in The Short Stories of Yoshio Sawai)

    ** Ch. 293-294 by traditional Yu-Gi-Oh! numbering


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