Shonen Jump #22

    Shonen Jump » Shonen Jump #22 - Volume 2, Issue 10 released by Viz on October 2004.

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    Yu-Gi-Oh!: As "Dark Master" Bakura makes his last-ditch effort to kill the player-characters, the fate of Yugi and his friends rests on a single die roll!

    Shaman King: Yoh fights an army of skeletons and their master, the mad necromancer Faust VIII!

    DragonBall Z: Cell vs. Goku! Will their battle tear the entire Earth apart?

    Naruto: The final question of the Junior Ninja Selection Exam is revealed? But with a catch. If Naruto and his friends can't answer it, they lose the chance to become ninja... for the rest of their lives!

    Yu Yu Hakusho: The Underworld sends Yusuke and Kuwabara to rescue a beautiful ice spirit from a greedy millionaire. But to do it, they'll have to take down the demonic bodyguards known as the Brokers of Darkness!

    One Piece: Pirate chefs? Why not? Luffy and his new pirate crew face off against the seafaring Three Cooks!

    Hikaru No Go: Settling in to their respective middle schools, Hikaru and Akira continue to practice their Go skills. For Hikaru, Go is becoming an interesting hobby to learn more about. For Akira, practice makes perfect... or does it?

    Table of Contents

    MangaChapter #Chapter Name
    Beet the Vandel Buster1*The Boy Rises!
    One Piece44Three Tough Cooks
    Hikaru no Go19¥1000 a Game
    Hikaru no Go20The Third Member
    Shaman King41Natural Bone Killers
    Shaman King42The Atrocity Exhibition
    Shaman King43Regarding Yoh
    Yu Yu Hakusho46Springtime for Kuwabara!!
    Yu Yu Hakusho47The Black Book Club
    Naruto43The Tenth Question
    Naruto44The Talents We Test For
    Yu-Gi-Oh!56The Millennium Enemy (Part 7)
    Yu-Gi-Oh!57The Millennium Enemy (Part 8)
    Dragonball Z203**Cell vs. Son Goku
    Dragonball Z204Full Power
    Dragonball Z205The Highest Level
    Dragonball Z206Ring Out

    * Preview - does not contain whole chapter

    ** Ch. 397-400 by traditional Dragonball numbering


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