Team » Shokan appears in 38 issues.

    Goro, Kintaro, Sheeva, Grum and King Gorbak are members of the Shokan race.

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    The Shokans are a large and brutal race of half-human and half-dragon humanoids recognized by their size and four arms with three fingers on each, their skin color seems to vary from Shokan to Shokan depending on a variety of racial classes, the more elite Draco-Class (Goro, Sheeva) tends to have human-like colors with dark spots covering their backs, while the lower class Tigrar-Class (Kintaro) has tiger-like stripes along with cat-like facial features and feet.

    The Shokan homelands is a subterranean wold called Kuatan and is located in outworld, there it is ruled from Kuatan Palace by a king and queen (with Prince Goro as their heir) under the rule of Shao-Khan, serving as his finest and most priced warriors, often being challenged for this title by the centaurs (Motaro) but retaining it nonetheless.


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