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    Character » Shogo Lee appears in 300 issues.

    An orphaned child adopted by Jubilee. While in Otherworld he transforms into a dragon.

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    When the sentient bacteria Arkea traveled to Earth seeking revenge on her brother Sublime, she used a series of asteroids and meteors as her method of transportation. One of these meteors landed in Budapest, causing widespread destruction. The X-Man Jubilee, in Hungary at the time, adopted a baby orphaned by the meteor strike, who she named Shogo.


    Shogo was created by writer Brian Wood and artist Olivier Coipel. He made his debut in the first issue of Wood's X-Men series,(Adjectiveless) X-Men Volume 3 issue 1 and was first identified by name in the second issue.

    Major Story Arcs


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    Unbeknownst to Jubilee, Shogo was being used as a host by Arkea. Arkea used her power to possess machinery to stop a train they were traveling on and kill the drivers, although the intervention of the X-Men prevented any further loss of life. Arkea left Shogo's body after Jubilee arrived at the Jean Grey School, opting instead use the body of Karima Shapandar as a way to take over the school's computer system.

    Sublime, who had followed Jubilee and Shogo to the school to warn the X-Men about his sister, explained that Shogo had essentially been "reset" upon Arkea leaving him - and also offered the opinion that Shogo was Jubilee's son. While the X-Men and Sublime tracked down and dealt with the Arkea threat in a specialized hospital in Budapest, Shogo and Jubilee stayed behind in a van. As Jubilee gave Storm and the team intel on the hospital's layout, she multitasked by searching records to see if Shogo had any living relatives. By the time the X-Men and a now recovered Karima returned to the van, Jubilee explained with confidence that Shogo Lee was 100% hers.

    Battle of the Atom

    During Battle of the Atom it was shown that one of the future X-Men that were introduced, Sentinel X, is actually Shogo who appears in an Iron Man Armor style battle-suit. When that future version of Jubilee was killed, Sentinel X consoled the much younger present-day-version of Jubilee and let her know that she will continue to be a wonderful mother and raise him well. This gave her the assurance that she did the right thing by adopting him.

    Further Adventures

    Baby Shogo continued to accompany his mother, Jubilee, while she remained an active member of the X-Men. When Jubilee took a break from the team, Shogo accompanied her as she became Patsy Walker's assistant. Patsy and all of her friends immediately fell in love with Shogo and his cute antics, with some of her friends offering to babysit when his mom had to go to work. Shogo will return to the X-Mansion yet again when his mom becomes the leader and teacher of Generation X.


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