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At the dawn of the Infinite Crisis, the Spectre shunts Jakeem through his pen into the Fifth Dimension, where he succumbs to the machinations of Qwsp and becomes a mad tyrant.  The Thunderbolt amasses an army to fight him, including the Thunderbolt's son, Shocko and Shocko's wife Peachy Pet.  With the help of the JSA, Jakeem is freed of Qwsp's evil influence.  Among Qwsp's prisoners is Johnny Thunder, apparently separated from the Thunderbolt and living in the Fifth Dimension.  Upon the JSA's return from the Fifth Dimension, they find the villain Mordru battling with Nabu.  Jakeem jumps the gun and takes action against the evil wizard (who had previously slit Jakeem's throat).  Jakeem returns the favor by stabbing Mordru in the throat with his pen, then summons the Thunderbolt, electrocuting Mordru.  Jakeem then asks the Thunderbolt to send Mordru "somewhere none of us will ever have to see him again" (followed for the first time by a "please").

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