Shocking Pink! #1

    Shocking Pink! » Shocking Pink! #1 - Volume 1 released by Project-H on August 2011.

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    When a girl claiming to be the descendent of Lui Bei, the founding emperor of the Shu Han state of the ancient Three Kingdoms of China, approaches you because your name is almost identical to said emperor's chancellor and prize strategist, what is a boy to do? Especially when she is very attractive and really, really, really wants you to become her royal strategist as she carves out her destiny? You join in the romp, of course, and enjoy the delights offered along the way!

    Back Blurb

    Fed up with how the world is being run, Ryuubi decides to do something about it. She is determined to rule it herself! And her first step towards world domination is to enlist a strategist into her camp. But the minute she finds said strategist, Takaaki, she seems to become preoccupied with making as many heirs with him as possible!

    Indeed, for Takaaki, there isn't much strategizing to be done, more like sexual servitude, as world domination seems to have taken a back seat to Ryuubi's carnal cravings. On the other hand, Kan'u and Chouhi, Ryuubi's sisters-in-arms are truly intent on their duties. They plan to "help out" Ryuubi as much as they can in case their ruler fails to produce an heir!

    And as if things couldn't get any steamier, Takaaki's childhood friend Motoko suddenly realizes that she has the hots for him as well. It seems there's no rest for the hapless strategist. Indeed, this "version" of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms is something you've never seen before!

    Chapter Titles

    • Chapter 1 "I'm Gentoku Ryuubi, The King Of Hanzhong!"
    • Chapter 2 "Of Love, Peace, And Baby Making"
    • Chapter 3 "The Beard's Just For Show, Anyway. The Brass Never Understand That."
    • Chapter 4 "No Sleep For Koumei When He's Loved By Psycho Sister"
    • Chapter 5 "Enter The Rival. No, Literally."
    • Chapter 6 "To Cum, Or Not To Cum, That Is The Question."
    • Chapter 7 "Whoa, Nice Horse"
    • Chapter 8 "So Are You Kakou'ton' Or Kakou'jun'?"
    • Chapter 9 "Two In One Vs. Two As One"
    • Chapter 10 "Battle Royale"
    • Chapter 11 "Showdown: Maybe I Will, Maybe I Won't."
    • Chapter 12 "Guilty Of The Three-Way Split"


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