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Todd Fields is the son of Dr. William Fields, who worked for HYDRA in project S.H.O.C. (Sub-dimensional Human-based Occultechnic Conduit). The idea behind it was to use a highly evolved technology connecting to the rather mysterious Darkforce dimension. It was made into an armor by Doctor William Fields, similar to that of Iron Monger, and it has the capabilities of Cloak, as in shadow-melting and projecting the Darkforce energy into the armor to modify its form. Dr. Fields first subject was a man that would come to be know as Crown, however Crown had his own hidden agenda and killed Dr. Fields along with many other Hydra agents and was planning to use the S.H.O.C.s technology to conquer the world. Todd was a young boy when he witnessed the death of his father, witch traumatized him greatly. His father however left Todd with key components for Todd to track and steal another S.H.O.C. armor and bond with it. Todd then became SHOC and swore revenge on Crown for murdering his father.


SHOC was created by Howard Mackie and John Romita Jr and first appeared in Spider-Man #76 (1997).

Major Story Arcs

Becoming a Hero

After Todd saw his father murdered by agents of Hydra, he was deviated. Years later, as a grown man, he would become the new SHOC and a hero. He teamed up with Spider-Man several times and battled Don Fortunato for the whereabouts of Crown, and he was directed to Hammerhead, who informed him that the living vampire Morbius has being captured by Dr. Andrea Janson. Hammerhead killed Dr. Andrea Janson, Crown’s lover, to lure him out. During the confrontation Hammerhead was badly injured and S.H.O.C. figured out a way to defeat Crown, by having him drain the power of the HYDRA’s ship, overloading him. Crown later returned as Hunger, a vampire, and battled Blade and Spider-Man. S.H.O.C. however was coming to turns with himself, since the armor was killing him, like it did to Crown.

Enemy of the State

While trying to get his life straight, Todd was ambushed by the Hand and was killed, only to by resurrected, brainwash and used as a weapon against Wolverine. Luckily, SHIELD was able to stop the influence of Hydra and cancel the brainwash. His memory is slowly recovering and he has become a hero once more.


The S.H.O.C. armor that he was bonded with allowed him access to high weaponry that didn’t need to by reloaded since it was powered by the Darkforce. He could utilized the combination of technology and mystic energies to enhance his strength, speed, fly by creating Darkforce wings, teleport melting into shadows. Creating claws and other weapons from his body and shield of Darkforce energies.


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