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Powers and Abilities

Sho Kano is a high class disciple and is probably one of the strongest disciple level charters shown. Sho Kano was chosen as the One Shadow Nine Fists single disciple and has learned at least to a certain extanat all the martial art styles of the masters giving him a wide range of ways to attack an opponent. Sho's strength, speed, stamina, and agility were greatly enhanced and his ki level was stated to be at a low masters level. Sho also had a dual Ki type and was able to utilize both thanks to training from Ogata.


  • Gamaku - An ancient Karate technique that allows the user to pretend to stand on one leg, but actually stand on the other leg. The opponent is fooled by the stance and defends for the wrong leg, even thinking that the user is stepping forward but actually is taking a back step. They then see the wrong leg move forward when actually the opposite leg comes in unexpectedly.
  • Jinenken Nejiri Nukite - An attack that comes in the form of rapid exchange of knife hands. A powerful attack that can pierce an opponents chest.
  • Kazoe Nukite - This technique is said to be able to break through any technique with a incrementally decreasing number of fingers in the form of knife hands. The technique isn't simply reducing the number of fingers, as each strike with its particular number of fingers has a specific purpose for it.
  • Nine Strikes One Kill - Nine Strikes One Kill can vary in all attacks and sequences, but uses one attack for each of the 10 different martial arts styles but the end is always a move learned from Saiga Furinji.
  • Nou Ten Jigoku Keri - A kick that delivers a front kick while the opponent is falling down. When the opponent falls down the user delivers a kick toward the opponents head. On both occasions, it was combined with a thro. Sho could combine this technique with jujitsu.
  • Seidou Goui - Sho can combine the ki of both Sei and Dou to unleash tremendous power. This technique can only be used for short intervals, however, as the Sei and Dou ki are meant to be used in conjunction, this causes extreme, even life-threatening damage to the user's body. Kano possessed superior control over this technique, linking it to how his upbringing in isolation lead him to develop a great emotional control and how it allowed him to better withstand the technique's effects.
  • Seidou Goui Nine Strikes One Kill - Like the original Nine Strikes One Kill the attacks can vary in sequences, but uses one attack for each of the 10 different martial arts styles with the ending always being from Saiga Furinji. The key to this move is such that the nine strikes can vary in order while the last move is always a karate move.
  • Seikentsuki - A straight forward punch that involves the user constricting their muscles and striking the user with their body from the muscles flexes.
  • Seikuken - A combat method that involves controlling the entire radius within one's arm length, creating a spherical shield around oneself. It can be used for offense and defense. While Sho never showed the technique he did learn it from Mikumo Kushinida.
  • Sensen Body - A technique in which the Kano contracts all of the muscles in hisbody, making them like steel and bouncing off attacks.

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