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    She is a Jonin from the Hidden Leaf Village and is Lady Tsunade's Personal Assistant. She is a highly-skilled Medical Ninja who is usually taking care of Tonton. She is the niece of Dan Kato, Tsunade's deceased lover.

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    Shizune is the apprentice of Tsunade. She has a tracker pig called Ton-Ton. Shizune actually defended Tsunade against Kabuto (Orochimaru's right-hand man). She can exhale a poison fog out of her mouth. Shizune also has a weapon that she has on her arm to throw numeral kunai, shinbon, ect.

    Orochimaru's Request

    When traveling with Tsunade after a bad lost in gambling, they strolled down a walk way in Tanzaku town and met Orochimaru. It seemed that he wanted to make a deal with Tsunade. That if Tsunade uses her healing powers to cure Orochimaru's arms, Orochimaru will use a forbidden jutsu and bring back Tsunade's most dearest lost ones.

    Shizune thought it was out of the ordinary and thought the idea was dumb. But, she notices Tsunade not answering and yells her name. Then she says she'll think about it. From that point on Shizune kept harassing Tsunade about her answer. Orochimaru even said it him self once Tsunade heals Orochimaru's arms he would destroy in Hidden Leaf Village.

    Luckily, Naruto and Jiraiya are searching for the 5th hokage since Jiraiya didn't want to take the position. Naruto was being a knuckle head and brave and got angry at the woman for her being the hokage. Shizune tells Tsunade to go easy on him because of the fact of him being a child. Tsunade wins with one pluck to the fore-head.

    The night before the decision, Tsunade and Jiraiya were at a bar and Tusnade happened to poison Jiraiya to knock him out so he wouldn't interfere with her answer. Later that day Shizune and Tsunade had an argument on her answer. But Tsunade grew tired of her dis respect and knocked her out. In The morning Shizune woke up late and notices Tsunade already gone so she takes Ton Ton and looks for Jiraiya and Naruto in there hotel and Jiraiya is a little weak from the poison.

    They run afterwards in Tsunade's direction with Ton-Ton leading the way by sniffing her out and they finally meet. Jiraiya fights Orochimaru. But, Tsunade fights Kabuto and looses and because of her fear of blood cant fight unless she gets over her fear. Tsunade flies a couple feet backwards and Shizune catches her and spits out 2 poisonous needles out of her mouth and attempting to poison Kabuto. But, Kabuto put his head band down and blocked the needles at contact.

    Now, Shizune was healing Tsunade while Naruto was fighting Kabuto.


    Shizune has the power of jutsu healing from Tsunade. Tsunade trained her to be a healing specialist almost good as her. With her Enhanced-Energy strikes she is able to focus chakra to the hand and do blows that could mess up your muscles or nerves and or both. She is poisonous from her gauntlet that contains lots of weapons that are poisonous. She can even shoot poison needles out of her mouth.


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