Character » Shizuko appears in 7 issues.

    Biological mother to Opal Tanaka, former girlfriend to Iceman of the X-Men.

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    Shizuko fell in love with the heir to the Tatsuo Clan of Japan and together they conceived a child. To protect her child from Lord Tatsuo, Shizuko gave her daughter to her cousins, George and Rita Tanaka for them to raise.


    Created by Louise Simonson.

    Major Story Arcs

    Shizuko remained in Japan and was captured by Lord Tatsuo, placed in servitude after her lover's death. In time, the leader of the Tatsuo Clan discovered she and his now deceased son had a child and sought out her daughter to produce a blood heir to take over the clan.

    Mother and daughter reunited
    Mother and daughter reunited

    Reunited with her daughter Opal Tanaka, Shizuko taught her the ways of the clan in preparation of the impending forced marriage while maintaining the appearance of a humble servant to Lord Tatsuo. However in a bid to save her daughter, Shizuko attempted to kill Lord Tatsuo by slipping poison into his tea prior to the war about to be engaged in by the Clans Yashida and Tatsuo. Soon after, a Yashida ninja dispatched by Mariko Yashida rescued both her and Opal.

    Shizuko has since disappeared.


    Opal Tanaka (daughter)

    Robert Tanaka (grandson)

    George and Rita Tanaka (cousins)


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