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"2 comics in 1...double the fun...Shake is inside Shiver!"

So proclaimed the tag line of IPC's Shiver and Shake, launched on 10th March 1973. Like its contemprary, Whizzer and Chips, Shiver and Shake portrayed itself as two titles, with Shake, a fairly traditional British humour comic, presented as a pull-out section inside Shiver, a horror humour oriented comic. The names Shiver and Shake were likewise borrowed, from two ghosts who had appeared in strips in Cor!!, though Shiver, who had been a ghostly cavalier skewered by a phantom blade, became a portly "sheet" ghost who starred in The Duke's Spook inside the Shiver section of the new comic, while Shake, who had originally been a portly sheet ghost virtually identical to the one now called Shiver, became an anthropomorphic elephant who starred in his own namesake strip in the Shake section of the comic. The Shiver section also made good use of two horrific stars of past comics, Grimly Feendish, who had begun life as the antagonist in Eagle-Eye Junior Spy's strip in Wham!, and Frankie Stein, likewise from Wham!, who would eventually supplant Shiver and Shake as the comic's cover star. Each issue also included a Creepy Creatures illustration on the back page, with artist Ken Reid illustrating monsters described by readers' letters. A strike in 1974 meant Shiver and Shake wasn't published in July of that year, skipping four issues, but production resumed in August 1974, only for the title to be cancelled in October 1974. It was absorbed into Whoopee!, but continued to have both annuals, released from 1973 to 1985, and holiday specials, released between 1973 and 1980, despite this cancellation.

Numbering note

As no issue numbers were printed on the comic (unless you count the Creepy Creatures, which were numbered), issues are numbered below in the format YEAR, MONTH, DATE. Thus the final issue, #741008 is 8th October 1974.

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