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    The daughter of the villainous Dragon King, Shiv holds an intense grudge against Stargirl.

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    The daughter of the villain known as the Dragon King, Cindy Burman was educated in the best schools in the world. Never wanting anything more than to please her father she followed in his criminal footsteps as the deadly blade wielding Shiv to battle Stargirl.

    For years, the Dragon King had operated in secret in Blue Valley, kidnapping children and brainwashing the most physically and mentally capable specimens into soldiers for his army. It was his ultimate goal to conquer the United States by using his mind-control technology on a national scale to take over all of the young people, who were more susceptible to his technology than adults.

    Their plans were thwarted when Courtney and her step-father and former All-Star Squadron member S.T.R.I.P.E. move their home to Blue Valley. In the course of the fight, her father was killed, leaving her with a deep anger and she swore revenge on Courtney.

    She later became a member of the Injustice Society led by Johnny Sorrow.

    Personal Data

    • Citizenship: American
    • Height: 5"7
    • Weight: 115 lbs (52 kg)
    • Eyes: Green
    • Hair: Brown/White

    Powers & Abilities

    Enhanced Physiology: As a child, Cindy's father experimented on her, giving her enhanced physiology due to genetic alteration and cybernetic implants.

    Retractable Blades: Cindy also has a series of sub-dermal blades concealed within her wrists and ankles.


    • Shiv Armor: A green and red armored costume containing a large arsenal of bladed weapons. The armor provides Cindy with enhanced strength, sufficient to throw an automobile.
    • Dragon Staff: A powerful black staff that is a few feet long with the head of a dragon. Cindy as Shiv uses this staff to shoot plumes of fire at her enemies, as the flames project from the dragon's mouth.

    Other Media


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    Shiv appears in the DC Universe series, she is portrayed by Meg DeLacy.

    Cindy Burman was the most popular student and the meanest girl at Blue Valley High. Shiv was originally a member of the Injustice Society however after most of the group died Cindy switched to Courtney incarnation of the Justice Society.


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