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Powers and Abilities

Shishiwakamaru was one of the semi finalists in the Dark Tournemane t and probably the only member of his team to actually belong. His high C-Class energy allowed him to even gain a little respect from Kurama and Hiei. His main power involves using his Banshee Shriek sword to summon souls of long dead demons to attack his opponent. Shishi is an able swordsman who shows much more grace with a blade than Kuwabara though nowhere near what Hiei is capable of. After training with Genkai Shishi gains low S-Class power and was powerful enough to get past the preliminary's of the Makai tournament.
Signature Moves 
Cape of No Return:
By using his cape Shishi can transport weaker opponents to a random destination in one of the three worlds. The random destination seems to be set per person since thus attack was used on Kuwabara twice and he was transported to the same place both times.
Shrill Call of the Reaper: A sonic attack activated when Shishi twirls the sord above his head. This usually makes weaker demons drop to their knees in ear splitting pain. Shishi stated that the weakest of souls would be stolen from their hosts though this never happened.
Chorus of a Thousand Skulls: The true power of the Banshee Shriek, Shishi is able to call demon souls into the ring to attack j\his opponents. The souls thhemsevles are pretty random and will attack mostly anyone in sight.
Chorus of Ten Thousand Skulls: A more powerful version where Shishi can beckon even more souls than before and has an easier time controlling them.
Cage of Hell: By stabbing the Banshee Shriek into the ground Shishi can surround him and his opponent with this cage made from the disembodied cries of the dead.

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