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    Character » Shiny Happy Aquazon appears in 36 issues.

    Member of Super Young Team.

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    Giggly, shy, annoyingly cute but fiercely brave denizen of the deep. She's the amphibious, defiant offspring of Junior Waveman Kimura and the genius daughter of Senior Waveman Otomo. She uses special underwater machines and has the ability to create hardwater constructs to fight alongside her teammates. She's not very good at what she does, but everyone likes her and nobody wants to say anything.

    Aquazon has admitted that she loves her teammate, Well-Spoken Sonic Lightning Flash, although Big Atomic Lantern Boy secretly loves her. However, she made her declaration of love during the final catastrophes of the Final Crisis, so she's not sure if Sonic Lightning Flash heard her, or if he took it seriously.

    Major Story Arcs

    Final Crisis

    For more information see:Final Crisis

    Aquazon is part of Super Young Team during the events of Final Crisis.

    Final Crisis Aftermath: Dance

    For more information see:Final Crisis Aftermath: Dance

    In Final Crisis Aftermath: Dance #4, Aquazon's father who is now Senior Waveman Kimura invites her to become a member of Big Science Action.

    Batman Incorporated

    For more information see: Batman Incorporated

    As Japan's most prominent ocean themed superhero, Aquazon was chosen to present the jewels of Poseidon at the museum. Lord Death Man tried to assassinate her, but she was saved by Jiro Osamu and witnessed the "death" of Mr. Unknown.


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