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NameNicknameMasterFighting StyleRankDou or Sei Type
Haruo NiijimaAlienn/aNiijima Style Escape ArtsGeneralSeiActive
Kenichi ShirahamaHistory's Strongest Disciple, Weak Knees KenichiAll of RyozanpakuKarate, Muy Thai, Chinese Kenpo, Jujitsu, Weapon Styles, Furinji Martial ArtsAssualt CommanderSeiActive
Miu FurinjiBig-Boobs, Dairy CowHayato Furinji, Silcardo JenazadFurinji Style Martial Arts, Pencak SilatCaptainDouActive (Recovering from brainwashing)
Natsu TanimotoHermitSougetsu MaChinese KenpoCaptainDouActive (Also member of YOMI)
Ikki TakedaTakeda the PuncherJames ShibaBoxingCaptainSeiActive
Hibiki KugeninSiegfried, The Immortal ComposerMani Kor LoGo no SenCaptainSeiActive
Kisara NanjoValkyrien/aTarkwondoCaptainDouActive
Kaname KugatachiFreyaDanki KugatachiWeapon Styles (Primarly Bojutsu/Escrima)CaptainSeiActive
Chiaki YumaThorDanki KugatachiCombat SumoCaptainDouActive
Renka MaKittyKensei MaChinese KenpoCaptainDouActive
Kozo UkitaUkita the ThrowerMachinoJudoVice-CaptainDouActive
ShiratoriKisara's White ShadowKisara NanjoTaekwondoVice-CaptainSeiActive
LokiLokin/aKarate/Trick WeaponsSpySeiActive
Number 20Number 20n/aTrick Weapons/Air GunsSpyn/aActive
Mizunuman/aAlan SubishiKarateSoldiern/aActive
MatsuiShinpaku Flag Bearern/an/aSoldiern/aActive
ValkyriesFreya's personal attack squadDanki KugatachiVarious Weapon StylesSoldiersn/aActive
Chikage Kushinadan/aMikumo KushinadaJujitsuHonorary MemberSeiActive (Member of YOMI)
Boris Ivanovn/aAlexander GaidarCommando SamboHonorary MemberSeiActive (Former member of YOMI, Current whereabouts unknown)
Rachel StanleyCastorDiego CarloLucha LibreHonorary MemberDouActive (Member of YOMI, Currently enrolled at Kenichi's school)
Hisamen/an/an/aHonorary Member, Contactn/aActive (Daughter of Inspector Honmaki)

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