Shinobu Sensui

    Character » Shinobu Sensui appears in 6 issues.

    Shinobu Sensui is a character from the Manga/Anime Yu Yu Hakusho. Sensui is was a former spirit detective who went mad after seeing humans slaughtering helpless demons and the leader of the Sensui Seven.

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    Powers and Abilities

    Shinobu Sensui was in his world the most powerful human being to exist. From an early age he could see and interact with the spirit world, like Kuwabara, though he could destroy demons and spirits as a small child. His training as the spirit detective of Earth made him even stronger and he was able to kill most demons with little effort. After witnessing the Black Black Clubs brutality Sensui's psyche broke into seven personalities that could manifest due to certain needs or traumas. Sensui went into hiding and trained for a long time in order to destroy the humans that plague the world. He mastered techniques in 6 years that would normally take 40 years of discipline. Sensui's personal fighting style involves blocking hits using his arms while countering with kicks.

    Signature Moves

    Resshun Ko Kyu Ha: Shinobu Sensui's variation of the Spirit Gun, Sensui forms a purple energy ball and kicks that at his opponent. This is referred to martial arts style and spirit power combined.

    Splinter Resshuken: Generating a field of energy Sensui makes a small minefield of energy blasts that converge into a single ball, which Sensui promptly kicks causing a barrage of blasts that track an opponent.

    Sacred Energy: The highest from of energy that surpasses both spirit and demon energy that requires 40+ years of discipline and training to achieve. The sacred Energy allows Sensui to fly under his own power which is how he got the nickname Black Angel

    Sacred Energy Armor: The sacred energy manifested into armor that has two forms. One for offense and one for defense though both are an increase from Sensui's normal use of the energy

    Twisted Twister: Sensui counters an opponent with a kick that creates a twister of energy which traps his opponent while sacred energy slashes at them.


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