Shinobi Shaw

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    Son of Sebastian Shaw, who was a member of the Upstarts after allegedly assassinating his father, later he lead a failed reform of the Hellfire Club.

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    As a child he grew up the illegitimate child of Sebastian Shaw and an unnamed mother. Since he spent most of the time with his mom his father considered him a "sissy" and showed little to no respect for him going so far as to never truly consider him a legitimate heir. 
    He grew up in a world of wealth and knew the who's who of society thanks to attendance at the many Hellfire Club meetings. Through them he met the future Angel and X-man Warren Worthington the 3rd and Tony Stark the future Avenger Iron Man among others. His mother died soon however and he was sent to a boarding school so his father could concentrate on more important matters.

    Mayor Story Arcs


    As he grew up he became an insecure and cruel man, longing for nothing less than the very death of his father and to usurp everything he had. To this end he graduated from Boarding School and went straight through business school and started to amass his own companies and money. Over time his riches rivaled his father. Through his companies he bought out Shaw Industries and prepared for revenge against not just his father but his father's friends as well.  Upstarts  was created by the Gamesmaster  around this time and he was granted membership. Around this time as well he began wondering if he was indeed the son of Sebastian as his powers were much more similar to his "uncle" Leland's ( Harry Leland) .

    He then journeyed to his fathers loft where he confronted him, predictably Sebastian lashed out and that's when he revealed his powers and gave his father an induced heart attack. Then he blew up the loft and using his powers made it out alive. Now he was a highly ranked member of the upstarts and secured the Hellfire Club and a new Inner Circle. He was now one of the few leaders among the mutant race.

    Fall from Grace

    His childhood haunted him though and despite making friends across the globe in the Yakuza and Matsuo Tsurayaba he fell into a hedonistic and decadent lifestyle which slowly unraveled his new empire around him.

    During his brief control of the Hellfire Club, he assumed the mantle of the Black King. Eager to return the Inner Circle to its former glory, Shaw approached Betsy Braddock aka Psylocke and Warren Worthington aka Angel, attempting to convince them to become a part of the Inner Circle. Both X-Men refused, however. He also tried to enlist Ororo Munroe aka Storm as a member, but she also refused.


    Later still him and the upstarts attacked the New Warriors and X-force but were thwarted, his own inner circle soon disintegrated as his father returned and he went into hiding. He retained his powers after M-Day only to be killed off panel by his father.


    Shinobi was later resurrected by Selene in Necrosha.


    Shinobi using his powers
    Shinobi using his powers

    Molecular Density Manipulation: The ability to alter the density of his own body and so can make himself intangible and pass through solid objects. He can also heighten his body's density, making him diamond-hard which gives him a resistance to injury. He has an interphasing touch which allows him to scramble the molecules of whatever he touches.


    Physical Characteristics

    Full body shot of Shinobi
    Full body shot of Shinobi

    Height--5' 11"

    Weight--165 lbs (75 kg)




    Known Relatives :

    Unknown mother (deceased), Sebastian Shaw (father). Trevor Fitzroy (descendant)


    U.S.A. and Japan

    Place of Birth:


    Marital Status:



    Businessman, Heir and Criminal


    University degree in business and management, Also graduated from unnamed boarding school.

    Alternate Realities


    Shinobi Shaw of the ultimate universe appeared after his father had died. Here he and Emma Frost appear to be in a relationship and attempting to unleash the Phoenix Force that resides inside Jean Grey.


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