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    Shino Aburame is apart of the Aburame clan. He can control bugs that feed off of his chakra. He is a member of Team Kurenai (Team 8) alongside Hinata Hyuuga, Kiba Inuzuka, Akamaru and their Jonin sensei Kurenai Yuhi. After the war, he becomes an academy instructor. He is a chunin-rank leaf shinobi.

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    Shino Aburame was born on January 23. He is 5'2' and weighs 101 pounds.

    His eyes are dark brown and he also has dark black hair. His blood type is AB. He was a genin in the first part but in Shippuden he is a chunin. His dad is Shibi Aburame. Some jutsus he can do are Destruction Bug Host Technique, Bug Clone Technique , Bug Jar Technique , Bug Wall Technique , and Bug Gathering Technique.


    Shino is a very mysterious character in Naruto since he doesn't show up as much as other characters. Shino is apart of the Aburame clan. They have special types of bugs that feed off their chakra. In return the bugs do whatever they say. He uses the insects for attacking, defeating, and cheating. He calls some techniques Bug Host and Bug Clone which makes a clone out of bugs.The bugs are very harmful to other ninja because they feed on chakra. At birth, these small chakra consuming bugs are sent into the newborns body, letting them live off of it, but you getting to use them for your own will, as long as they have chakra to feed on.

    Shino's whole family wears sunglasses. People always think that there is something wrong with his eyes. There is nothing actually wrong with his eyes, but he might see like a bug.

    Chunin Exams

    The first part of the Chunin Exams they have to take an extremely hard test but can't cheat. Many people cheat and Shino is one of them. He uses a bug that flies to another person's sheet and can get the answer. He passes it along with his teammates who decided to stay for the tenth question.

    In the second part Shino uses his bugs to take the other ninjas scroll.

    He makes a leech attack on the rival and they fall into a trap. They soon died a slow, painful, and silent death due to the life sucking insects taking him as their host.

    In the third part of the chuunin exams during the Preliminary Matches. Shino had the upper advantage since Sasuke broke 1 of Zaku's arms. Zaku's Zankuuha was almost beating Shino at first. Shino even though pulled it off at the end by using his insects to plug the Zankuuha up so nothing could come out of it. When Zaku tried to use it again the chakra couldn't go out of his arm so it started to build up and then burst out his arm and Zaku lost.


    Shino's main ability is to control bugs. He can use them for a varied amount of affects. His main form of attack is a swarm of bugs the size able to cover a whole person. Many of his bugs are poisonous and can incapacitate and enemy if they manage to poison an enemy. They can also allow Shino to track his enemies like a tracking device if Shino can plant a bug on his enemies. His bugs can also form humanoid masses that he can make look like himself, effectively looking like duplicates of Shino.

    While battling Shino has a great amount of intelligence. He can make shrewd judgements with accurate reasoning. Like the character Shikamaru he usually wins by staying many steps ahead of the opponent. With his coincidence of winning Shino warns the opponent about what they will face. His power seems near unlimited , as he has shown no limit yet to how many bugs he can control or use to combat anyone, and always wins his fights. He has been shown to recieve maybe one or two injuries (only one of them actually being capable of killing him) the entire Naruto series, even taking on The Akatsuki Leader and almost winning, if it weren't for his strange abilities.


    Shino is calm and collected and very mysterious. He doesn't smile (he laughed only when he was drugged with laughing medication), he doesn't frown, he doesn't even show emotion. He can also hold grudges and be intimidated. He has a lot of hope for his team and and friends. Shino gets along very well with Hinata but not so well with Kiba. Shino is also quite bright, he plan his moves before attacking just like Shikamaru. Shino's favorite food is veges salad, his least favorite foods are tofu balls and food that has a strong scent. His favorite hobby is observing bugs.He generally remains silent and solemn, and shows no real attachments to anyone at all, unlike the rest of the Naruto cast, making him somewhat more of a loner than anyone else in the series. He compares everything he does to insects or bugs, and generally makes everything come back to them, in a skillful analogy or comparison.


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