Shining Armor

    Character » Shining Armor appears in 47 issues.

    Twilight's older brother who is captain of the royal guard and husband to Princess Cadance.

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    Shining Armor is Twilight Sparkle's older brother. Her made his first appearance in "A Canterlot Wedding," when the Mane 6 were invited to be part of his wedding to Princess Cadence, Twilight's old foalsitter. He is captain of the Royal Guard, and he and Cadence have a daughter-- an alicorn, Flurry Heart.

    Key Episodes:

    A Canterlot Wedding pt 1 and 2
    The Crystal Empire pt 1 and 2
    The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows
    The Crystalling pt 1 and 2
    A Flurry of Emotions


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