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Little is known of his past except when he was blinded in battle he continued to train in the martial arts refining all his sense to the point he could move around the world as if he was still in possession of working eyes. Hearing the legend surrounding a mythical amulet he banded together with Conana nd others to assemble the amulet to gain great wealth.
He however unlike his compatriots knew that the legend was mere myth and ventured along with them to put an end to Tolometh once and for all. 
He was on one one of only three warriors to reach pariarch and even though he knew it meant his life he lached on the the scabbard and only weakness of his enemy and gave conan enough information to end patriarch once he was deaid. 
He died a warriors death swift and almost painless at the decapitating sword of patriarch.

Skills and abilities

Adept in martial arts and various weapons. most notably kali sticks with which he was so adept he could fight Conan to a standstill.
in addition he was sightless but possessed enhanced senses of touch, taste, hearing and smelling able to discern an opponents moves based on muscle stretch sounds alone. He was also able to tell the nature of a creature whether, living, dead, human or demon simply by listening to their bodies.

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