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    Shiki is the captain of the Flying Pirates, the first known prisoner to ever escape Impel Down, and a former member of the Rocks Pirates. He ate the Float-Float Fruit that lets him make any object fly.

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    Shiki is first introduced in the manga chapter 0 (or "Strong World " ) which begins 25 years before the begging of One Piece Shiki is seen confronting Gol D. Roger, seeking to join forces with him and take over the world . He had learned that Roger knew the location to Pluton, and wanted to take over the world, and believed with his Fleet, and Roger (with Pluton), he could do so. Roger declined, asking " What's the point in being a pirate, if I can't do whatever I want ?". A great battle ensued (later referred to as the Battle of Edd War), and as the two battled a storm struck, causing Shiki to lose half his fleet. Roger and his pirates manage to escape, as did Shiki himself, who had an unfortunate accident. After meeting up with Dr.Indigo, Shiki discovered that a fragment of a ships helm had been lodged in his skull, and that it would be impossible to remove it without killing him. He remarks that its no big deal, and that these kind of things happen all the time.

    Roger is named Pirate King, and the Roger pirates mysteriously disappear. One year later, its is reveled that Roger was arrested, and as news of this reaches Shiki he becomes outraged. Unable to believe that Roger was able to be captured he shoots the man who gave him the news (who was a member of his crew) and refuses to accept this news.

    He angrily invades Marineford, and disposes of a large number of marines. He is then met by Garp and Sengoku, and demands that if Roger is to be executed that he himself should do it. Sengoku goes on to tell him that Roger will be executed in one week in Loguetown in East Blue, where he was born. This demonstration is meant to deter other pirates from following in Roger's steps. Once hearing of this, Shiki becomes infuriated, East Blue is the weakest sea, and Roger is the Pirate King, and remarks that it would be the worst kind of humiliation. With this the three charge toward each other and begin to fight, continuing until half of Marineford is destroyed. Shiki is then arrested, and sent to the sixth level of Impel Down, the Eternal Hell, which is where criminals who are given the death penalty or are serving a life sentence, reside (meant to be erased from history).

    One week later, Roger was executed and delivers he infamous One Piece speech, bringing on the Great Pirate Age. Shiki lays on the floor of his cell shackled and wondering why Roger died. He overhears the various other inmates calling out for freedom, eager to be a part of the "New Age" and laughs, claiming that all of them are idiots, and they will only get in the way.

    Two years pass, and Shiki is suddenly missing from his cell. His shackles are still there but he had cut off his own feet to escape. The whole prison goes into a frenzy searching for him, and one guard finds him (later revealed to be Hannyabal, who becomes vice warden). Shiki looks down to him and asks if he had seen his swords Outou and Kagarashi. Shiki then laughs and says he feels sorry for him, but that he will be leaving now, and that the two years were really nice.

    The headlines read " The first escapee from Impel Down, Pirate Fleet Commander Golden Lion Shiki !". Shiki is then seen attaching his two blades to his legs and standing up . He meets up with Whitebeard, and tells him " I'm thinking of hiding for a while ... and then I'll show the people of this age ... the terror of a true pirate ! ". He then travels with Dr. Indigo to the Hidden land in the clouds, Merview, where they discuss a plan. He asks Indigo how long will it take for his plans to be in effect . Indigo replies " Ten ... fifteen... no, at least twenty years! " ...

    Abilities and Powers

    Shiki possessed the largest pirate fleet of his time, with over 51 divisions, and was one of the strongest pirates of his time.

    He is an immensely powerful and skilled fighter capable of taking down dozens of marines easily, and even able to fight on equal grounds with Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, Chopper, and Usopp simultaneously. He was also capable of trading blows with Second Gear Luffy, and boasts a tremendous level of endurance and pain-tolerance (able to amputate both his feet to escape Impel Down).

    Devil Fruit

    In addition to his fighting prowess, Shiki possesses the Fuwa Fuwa no Mi, a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit which allows him to levitate himself and any other non-living thing he comes in contact with. Once he touches an object it will remain floating until he no longer wants it to, or until he goes unconscious. No real limit is shown for this power as he has levitated various things, from snowflakes, to islands and Marine Warships. He is even capable of using his powers in such a precise manner of forming snowflakes or the terrain itself into giant lion heads that can move freely and are lifelike. The only limit established for this power is that he cannot levitate any living things other than himself.


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